Story Of The Day: A Glimpse At The Difficult Lessons The Pandemic Taught Me

Life is a journey that teaches us pleasant and bitter lessons along the way. They say the best lessons are almost always learned the hard way, and they say it right. Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve gained perspective, seeing things in a different light. 

There is no way to chart that territory within ourselves to let the world know how cumbersome things have been for us. At some point, we might settle down by turning a deaf ear to everything around, but only a numb heart can act oblivious to the chaos and not get transformed as a result. 

While COVID-19 has taught us all to practice social distancing, prioritize hygiene, and take better care of ourselves, we’ve all been massively changed ever since it wreaked havoc on our lives. Read on to find all the harsh lessons I’ve learned during the pandemic. Perhaps some of them might even resonate with you. 

People Won’t Always Understand How You Feel. 

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Feelings are complicated and hard to phrase because what you’re going through can only be fully comprehended by you. Regardless, we all have someone we can confide in regarding our thoughts and feelings, but there will be times when even the people close to you will fail to understand you. 

It’s okay though, trust me, it is. Even though you may feel crappy about it at first, eventually, you will realize that as long as you’re able to gauge what you’re feeling inside, you don’t need to look for validation from others. 

Distance Doesn’t Always Make The Hearts Grow Fonder. 

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We’ve all heard and experienced the impact of the pandemic limiting (sometimes ending) physical meet-ups with friends and family, and it’s been an absolute disaster for some of us. Being an introvert, this sudden change didn’t quite strike me initially until it finally hit me hard in the face. 

While I tried my best to check up on my friends and family through whatever virtual means were available, I discovered that my efforts weren’t always reciprocated. Instead, they were only returned when someone wanted a favor from me, which I wasn’t even in a position to refuse because I still don’t know how to “say No” politely. 

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I’m still learning to cope with the harsh reality of people exploiting other people for their personal gains. And even though I still have a long way to go, it has finally dawned on me that distance doesn’t always drive people closer together, and it’s probably for the best. 

You Will Be Mocked For Your Emotional Trauma 

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It may sound absurd, but I’ve had instances where even the most highly educated people told me they don’t see emotional pain as something serious. It’s either “you’re perpetually ill or suffering from a lethal disease” or “you’re completely alright, so wipe that gloomy curve off of your face.” 

I’ve seen people not quite dying of coronavirus but being subjected to mental trauma during quarantine and lockdown periods. I’ve been shaken to the core myself, but in a world where we’re still debating gender-based hate crimes and targeting minority groups, perhaps even a pandemic isn’t enough to open our eyes. 

Even If You Lose Everything, You Will Always Have Yourself

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Many of us have had to lose a lot because of the pandemic, including loss of lives, employment, friends, family, normalcy, and what-not. Losing someone or something is a terrible feeling, and it leaves behind a void that can never be filled. 

However, we’re all we will ever have, so we must get comfortable with ourselves and normalize being alone. Self-abandonment can be an irreparable loss too, so remember to prioritize yourself by giving the same tender love and care that you’ve always offered to the rest of the world. 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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