Story Of The Day: A Glimpse Into The Worse Things ‘Friends’ Have Done To Me

It is undeniable that evil exists in this world, just as it is undeniable that good exists. The difference is that evil is often committed without any effort, while to do good takes heart, art, and effort.

Evil spreads like wildfire, while good often, apparently, is not even noticed. Precisely for these reasons, gratuitous malice is a problem that each of us has faced at least once in their life. That’s how toxic friendships come into our lives.

The negative vibrations that almost always come to us from angry and frustrated people with whom we deal every day remain on us and infect us like a virus, making us, in turn, stressed and negative. These people are often compliant but full of envy and hatred towards others.

The Debtor

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When someone loans money from you and doesn’t pay it back, they say that they valued your money more than you. Since she’s stolen from you, it’s safe to say the friendship is over.

One time a friend asked me for money which she said would be returned within a few days. Days went into weeks and months, and she never paid back. When I asked her for the umpteenth time, she told me to go and get the money from her father’s grave. That was the last straw that made me strike her out of my life.

The Absentee

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I have always been a good friend, always there, ready to help, prepared to lend, some heavy humor, and good conversation. Yet I have a friend who never calls me, not even on my birthday, or sends a present. Yet, I would never have missed a date or the opportunity to party with the person.

The Thief


My clothes would get missing from my wardrobe, and I always wondered who took them. I should have known that it is only those close to you that can do such terrible things.

She stole my dress and gave it to one of her friends. When I saw the other wearing the dress, I knew it looked familiar and complimented her friend, who later told me that my friend gave it to her as a gift. What’s worse than that?

The Talebearer

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We spent a lot of time together. We wined and dined together, and she knew a lot about me. One time, I was in a relationship, and after a few weeks without giving me a valid reason, the guy suddenly cut off all relations with me. I wasn’t worried because of the duration of the relationship.

However, a few days later, I learn that my friend had told a relative of hers who knew the man some extremely unpleasant things about me. These things were mostly false. I felt hurt and severed any relationship I had with her.

The Selfish One

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We had a mutual friend who suffered a miscarriage. I understood that this was a trying time, but our mutual friend made it all about herself. She kept sending our friend horrible messages while she was still at the hospital.

She said our friend was a lousy person because our friend didn’t attend her daughter’s birthday party despite knowing the circumstances of what had happened. I never got to speak to her again after that because it could have been me.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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