Story Of The Day: I Tried The Lettuce Tea Hack To Help Me Sleep

Jun 11, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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The new trend on TikTok is something for all the people who’ve spent countless awake struggling to fall asleep! A humble salad ingredient can help kick that’s reportedly helping everyone fall asleep, but is it a hoax?


I have an issue falling asleep, and I’ve spent countless hours trying to fix my habits so that I can fall asleep. But I can barely stick to a routine, so I’ll be up till dawn come the weekend!


Of course, looking at this lettuce tea hack for sleeping, I was intrigued. I had to try it out!

It’s another night of being tired, but my mind’s running wild as daises, and I can tell that I’m not about to go down easy. And you just know your work is going to suffer the next day if you don’t get to bed!



Now I usually don’t feel like herbs work for me. I’ve tried lavender to relax my mind, and even chamomile isn’t soothing enough for me to fall asleep.


It’s why I’ve relied on medication so often and eventually landed up with an ulcer. Since then, I’ve made major lifestyle changes, and giving up coffee has been the most difficult one.

But it’s all in the name of better sleep! So when I saw this TikTok hack with something as simple as lettuce, I was intrigued!

Lactucarium is a nutrient that can help put you to sleep, and it’s found in lettuce. Romaine lettuce is quite rich in this nutrient!


You can also eat lettuce before bed for it to work or brew the tea. All you need is hot water and lettuce leaves for the tea!

Now I’ve watched enough videos to know that it’s going to taste horrible. But since most people don’t recommend flavoring it with other teas, I thought I’d just try it on its own!

I boiled my water, added it to a cup with my lettuce inside, and let that steep for a while. I chose not to use another tea to make it taste better because I wanted to see if it would put me down.

I tried it around nine in the evening to ensure that I’d go to bed by ten and get a good night’s rest even if it didn’t work. After about an hour and a half, I felt a bit tired and eventually went to bed.

I won’t be using it as a permanent solution, though; I prefer eating my lettuce. But it was one of the earliest times I’ve gone to bed, all for the price of lettuce water!