Story Of The Day: Unpacking Silly And Annoying Things Older People Have Said To Me

Older people can sometimes be annoying, and out of respect, we have to listen to what they have to say occasionally. Also, out of respect, we refrain from responding in the way we actually want to respond. This does not mean that we are ok with what was said, but we will let it slide.

Truth be told, older people sometimes find it challenging to understand the younger ones, partly due to their generational differences. The way we do things now is way different from the way they did things.

In my lifetime, I have come across older people who always had something to say about something. Some of them have annoyed the living daylights out of me, and I’d be sharing my experiences with you.

Who Will Build The Country If You Leave


In recent times, everyone wants to leave the country for greener pastures or an even better life in any country of their choosing. This is not a bad idea as we all know that this country no longer works as we would have loved it to work.

The other day, I was discussing how I would also start making plans to leave the country. Then someone older said, “If you all decide to leave the country, who will fix the country.” This pissed me off because these are the generations of people who have contributed to ruining the country.

All You Do Is Play With Your Phone

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As a young girl, it is no wonder that I am always on my phone. Plus, I also work online, which means I have to be online even when I am on the move. The fact that some of these older people don’t understand it can be tiring.

In this category of people, I believe my mother would go home with the trophy. It is so bad that even when you fall ill, my mum would be quick to blame it on the fact that you are always on your phone.

You Youths Are Lazy

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I really don’t blame the people who have this school of thought. Older people are used to hard labor to understand that hard work has been done. Younger people just work smarter and sometimes earn better without putting in as much physical labor. Just because you don’t see the effort does not mean they did not put that effort into the work.

Back In My Days

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Older people are quick to compare their days with our days. This is unfair. The world has changed a lot in the past 10, 20, 30 years. So why would they dare to compare times? Yes, we understand that your time seemed better, but we, the younger ones, would not dare wish to live in your time.

Dress The Way You Want To Be Addressed

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Oh boy! This one really pisses me off because sometimes they use this statement to justify the actions of offenders. In 2021, everyone has a right to dress the way they feel without fear of harassment and judgment.

It’s Rude To Use Your Left Hand


Even as a child, I did not understand why older folks were angered that you used your left hand to hand something to them. For some, it has to do with superstitious beliefs, but what if the child is left-handed? Would you refuse a million dollars because they handed it to you with their left hand?

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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