Strength In Numbers: Women Who Support Eachother Are More Successful

We’ve all heard the tired stereotype of women constantly sabotaging each other. Whether it is in the workplace or in friend groups women are often portrayed to be scheming against each other.

However, there has been a shift in the tides. Research is proving that successful women might actually have the opposite approach to life.

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The Research

New research from Harvard Business Review revealed that both men and women benefit from establishing a supportive peer network from different groups of people. The research also showed that women who keep a close inner circle of female contacts are likely to be appointed to executive positions with greater authority and higher pay.

There is no link connecting male success to the gender composition of their inner circles. Thus the Harvard Business Review found that men and women need different networks in order to succeed.

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The Reason

According to Forbes, the reason for this lies in women trying to rise up into leadership while facing cultural and systemic hurdles that usually hold them back. The findings of the study suggest that by forming a close-knit network of women with similar goals and ambitions, they are able to navigate the hurdles as a team instead of alone.

They are able to share their experiences and gain insight into what needs to be done. The network makes it possible to identify your worth as well as highlight each person’s unique talents and leadership skills.

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“There’s a new girls’ club that we didn’t have before because the workplace was largely male-dominated. Now that so many more women are entering the workplace, we’re finding our voice. We’re also building circles of trust with one another because we may be experiencing similar hurdles, and have each other’s backs.”

says Jocelyn Greenky, an office culture and politics expert and CEO of Sider Road.
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Our Responsibility As Women

With these findings in mind, it is fair to say that as women it is our responsibility to support each other. In order to break through the glass ceiling, we need to combine our strengths. Our integrity, tenacity, adventure, curiosity, and creativity should be used to build each other up at every opportunity.

“There is a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women,”

says Madeleine Albright.

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