Style Guide: 10 Creative Looks To Try With A Plain White T-Shirt

White tee is the new black. When you feel like ‘you don’t have anything to wear’, grab your white tee and choose one combination or more.

It doesn’t matter how your white tees ended up in your wardrobe — maybe you stole one or two from your boyfriend with plans of tie-dyeing it or got a good sale of a three-pack at Target — whatever is, don’t get rid of them just yet. 

So, if you aren’t sure how to combine or consider buying a few of them, there are some variations of white tees like cropped, tight, baggy, and so on. We’ve rounded up ten creative looks you can pair your white tee with other pieces from your wardrobe. 

White Tee And Jeans

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Is there something more classy than blue jeans, a white tee, a brown trench coat, a brown leather bag, and brown suede boots? You don’t need to wear all pieces you’ve seen on the catwalk to be in fashion.

White Tee and Colored Jeans

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Pairing a classic fitted white tee with vintage green denim jeans, a brown leather belt, and a woven wooden colorful bag brings a white tee into life. And it’s actually what allows so many colors combined without looking like you’re going to a carnival parade.

White Tee And Golden Skirt

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Haute couture and Target white t-shirt match? Absolutely! Helena Bordon proves that basic and luxury fashion items combine, pairing a golden chic skirt, a Chanel bag, high heels, and long earrings.

White Tee And Off-White

(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

Olivia Palermo is here to reaffirm the title of fashion queen with this all-white-everything look during Milan Fashion Week in 2020. The clean and fancy look is beautifully pared with a golden clutch and brown sunglasses.

White Tee And Black Leather

(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

I’m in love with this look, seriously! I love the black and white combination, and Camille Charriere has done everything right. The all-leather look — pants, jacket, boots, and sunglasses with a Bottega Veneta leather bag with a golden chain handle that stands out in the whole outfit.

White Tee And Colors

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Don’t know what to wear? What about that colored sports shorts, an oversized blazer jacket, a white cap hat, neon pink pointy shoes, or any other shade or color you have. Ah, and don’t forget the white tee!

White Tee and Oversized Blazer

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Unlike the previous look, this oversized blazer on navy blue can be tricky to style in a way that doesn’t make them look overdone. The white t-shirt makes the perfect and classic combination from business meetings straight to a happy hour with friends.

White Tee And Shirt

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Got your boyfriend’s shirt and a white tee and don’t know which one you should choose? Get them both! Take your tee and throw on the shirt and shorts, and if you need a fancy solution, a pair of heels that throws off an “I’m confident, and I look great” kind of vibes.

White Tee And Flared Trousers

(Photo by Edward Berthelot/Getty Images)

And last but not least, Larsen Thompson wears another classic outfit. She combined her tee with a brown fringed leather jacket, half-boho vibes, half-I-stole-it-from-my-bae, and houndstooth pattern printed flared pants during the NY Fashion show last year.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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