Summer Fashion Hacks To Avoid Feeling Like You're Melting In The Sun

May 06, 2020
03:08 P.M.
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Summer spells rising temperatures and bright colors. Along with the yearning for a stunning tan comes the urge to shop.


We all want to switch to easy-breezy chic clothes and finally leave the house without wearing six layers. Unfortunately, the hot weather also means staying put together is extremely difficult. However, there are some simple tips to embrace the season in style.

1. Be Picky With Fabric

 Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Photo by Mel Poole on Unsplash

Summer tends to make most of us sweaty especially if we are outdoors. Avoiding being sticky and sweaty can often come down to the type of fabric you choose when picking out your clothing.


Opt for fabrics like cotton and linen. Silk can also be a good choice as it is a natural, breathable, and cooling fabric.

2. Wear Loose Clothes

 Photo by Claire Ward on Unsplash

Photo by Claire Ward on Unsplash

Now you've found the right fabric, its time to pick out the best style to keep you feeling cool. Look for looser fitting items that have shape but flow freely over your body without hugging it.

A long loose dress is much cooler to wear than skin-tight shorts and a tank. Clothing that is form-fitting sticks to sweaty skin making you sweat even more.


3. Invest In Hats & Sunglasses

 Photo by Carlos Alberto Gómez Iñiguez on Unsplash

Photo by Carlos Alberto Gómez Iñiguez on Unsplash

Summer is all about spending tons of time outdoors. Since we need to protect our skin and eyes from the sun, why not invest in a pair of statement sunglasses and an eye-catching hat.

A wide brim straw fedora and rancher-style hats paired with a pair of classic aviators will never go out of style. Summer is the perfect time to combine fashion and function especially if you plan to hit the beach.


4. Wear Minimal Jewelry

 Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

Accessories and jewelry are always tempting additions to outfits. However, in summer they can often make you feel irritated when they rest on your sticky sweat-slicked skin.

Instead of heavy statement necklaces or bracelets, opt for a pair of stunning earrings. Dainty rings and lightweight chains or string bracelets are also great choices for summer.

5. Show Off Your Shoulders


 Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Photo by Tamara Bellis on Unsplash

Now, we've covered everything from fabric to accessories but every girl needs a little sexy touch to complete her outfit. With the warm weather and bronze tans ready to go, why not show off a little skin.

Off-the-shoulder clothing is particularly stylish in the summertime and add the perfect sexy spin on an otherwise average outfit. Opt for off-the-shoulder dresses or classic colored off-the-shoulder tops.