Texting Etiquette: How To Leave A Group Chat Without Looking Shady

It’s a good idea to leave a group chat when you feel like it no longer serves you or brings negativity in your life. But it can get awkward if it’s a family or friends group who may take it personally.

Many of us have ended up in a group chat that had just lost direction. What was once meant to be a group chat to discuss important matters or jointly plan an occasion turns into memes central. You would have been able to get past it, but the memes aren’t even funny.

Or worse, the group completely goes off-topic and ends up being offensive. You just know that it’s your cue and you must take your leave for the sake of your sanity.

Start Easy

Before taking the full plunge and making your leave official, if you can, you might want to consider muting the group. Sure it’s not the best option if people from the group chat start following up about why you’re not participating in the group. It can still minimize high-volume traffic of random the “haha” that some in thick and fast to subpar jokes.

Muting is also ideal if you cant exactly just up and leave like in the work group chat where important information is shared.

Tell The Group Before You Leave

This is an excersie in setting boundarise for yourself and letting the group know where you stand and what kind of behaviors are unacceptable to you.

At the point that you leave, it will not be a surprise though it might be bet with awkwardness or even negativity in some cases.

Just Leave

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What makes for an interesting group chat is different for different people. If you’re not having a good time on this ride, just get off.

It will most likely seem dramatic when and it may be discussed once you’ve left. It is still very likely someone from the group chat, side texting you about why you just left the group chat.

Clear Sign That It’s Time To Head Out

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Some of the more clear signs include if you’re feeling triggered or offended by the group. Patia Braithwaite of Self explains that she felt frustrated or even anxious about the incoming group texts.

If the group has deviated from its initial purpose, that may be your cue to exit stage left because this is not what you had signed up for. And honestly, it should be okay to leave a group chat that doesn’t bring good into your life.


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In most cases, it’s all up to context. Having fewer people in the group chat may make it more of a challenge to leave. While in some cases, you may be able to get away with just “ghosting” the group.

If you’re looking to be more assertive, you could just leave, but at the end of the day, all actions have reactions, and while your leaving may not be well received, you need to make the right decisions for yourself.

Written By:
Tumisang Mosito

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