The 10 Most Inspiring Female Superheroes

Oct 05, 2020
02:47 A.M.
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The rise of female superheroes in the media opens up so many possibilities for young women. Who doesn’t want to see a butt-kicking version of themselves in a movie or TV?


Superheroines are having their moment right now, and they deserve every minute of it. It’s about time we see the equally powerful superhero counterparts get their much-deserved recognition.

There are plenty of female superheroes who have inspired us since our comic book collecting days. Every powerful heroine deserves their roses, but we have to applaud our current favorites below.

Captain Marvel

Carol Denvers is a history-making fighter pilot with unmatched superhuman strength. The character played by Brie Larson was the first to star in an all female-led superhero movie in 2019.


Although Captain Marvel got her big-screen shine only recently, she has been around for ages. She is also one of the most powerful superheroes in the Marvel universe, regardless of gender.

Black Widow

A former S.H.E.I.L.D agent and ex KGB assassin joins a legendary band of superheroes and slays. The hero made such a mark in the Marvel universe that she’s getting her film and we can’t wait for it!

Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman breaks bounds for all female superheroes with what she has been able to achieve. The founding member of the justice league has extraordinary qualities beyond her superpowers.

Wonder Woman is a perfect model of an independent superhero. She indeed shows that female superheroes are more than supporting characters for their male counterparts.


Gamora will sacrifice just about anything, including her life for the greater good. If that does not make an iconic superhero, we don’t know what would.




The queen, goddess mutant Ororo Munroe is a top fighter for superheroes who have our hearts. Storm is one of the first female superheroes of color to grace our screens, which is a super iconic achievement.

Storm is now the headmistress at the school and a fantastic mentor to new X-Men entrants. She still kicks butt with her weather-controlling superpowers, so you’d better not mess with the headmistress.

Dark Phoenix

Jean Grey’s character is so complex and so powerful that she was afforded an entire rebrand. The Dark Phoenix may be conflicted with her identity at times, but we’re not conflicted with our love for her strength.




What could be better than an intelligent female hero with extraordinary tech skills? Shuri practically created Black Panther so we could say he would be nothing without her.

Her witty comebacks are unmatched, and her genius is more potent than unlimited super strength. We are sure that she will make an amazing heir to T’Challa’s throne if Wakanda has her as their queen.


We love to see LGBTQ representation, especially from dominant, boss babe characters like Valkyrie. We owe this one to Tessa Thompson who advocated for Valkyrie’s sexuality to stay true to the comics.



Supergirl may have started as an afterthought to Superman’s story, but she holds her own now. The super-strong hero may be more empathetic in her approach, but she will beat you up if needs be.

Her storylines have kept us all entertained and rooting for her for years. Her cousin, Superman, may have to watch out for his spot as the star of the mutant family.


We’ve had many Catwomen over the years, but she’s always been a staple character nonetheless. This hero offers much more than a sexy Halloween outfit with her quick reflexes and cunning mind.