'The Bachelor's' Bekah Martinez Reveals What Really Happened When She Was Reported Missing

May 13, 2021
07:00 P.M.
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Remember that time season 22 Bachelor contestant Bekah Martinez was reported missing? The former reality TV star is finally opening up about what really happened after three years.


Season 22 of ‘The Bachelor’ was exciting for many reasons, and 22-year-old Bekah Martinez was one of them. Bekah was the youngest contestant of the season, which already made her stand out from the rest.

However, the speculations surrounding her missing persons report kept her as the topic of conversation. After three years of letting the rumors slide, Bekah is finally ready to say her piece. Read more to find out.

The Backstory


Bekah Martinez was featured as a potential match for Arie Luyendyk Jr. during the 22nd season of ‘The Bachelor.’ The 22-year-old had already gained fan attention from being animated and the youngest on the season.

While ‘The Bachelor’ was still on the air in February 2018, a fan spotted Bekah on a missing person list. The report stated that Bekah had been missing since November 2017, during her season’s filming.

Once the missing person’s report caught on, many fans speculated that Bekah lied to her parents about being on ‘The Bachelor.’ The assumption arose from the likelihood that filming for season 22 began in September 2017.


Bekah even played into the speculations and jokingly tweeted about not getting phone reception at the show. Her ID photo was also not left out of the jokes as she poked fun at not being able to conceal it from the public.

What Really Happened


While Bekah’s secret Bachelor mission conspiracy was fun to keep up with, the true story is much more enjoyable. On May 4, Bekah used her Instagram stories to set the story straight once and for all finally.

“Basically to make a VERY long story short, I was broke after The Bachelor, and I had to quit my nanny jobs to leave for the show for almost two months,”

Bekah wrote


Bekah explains how she went to a weed farm where a friend worked to earn money after filming. She shares that the friend got kicked off the farm within a week, and her phone was the only one with reception.

Bekah also reveals that the friend did not only leave but also texted Bekah’s parent’s misinformation. She told them that Bekah was held hostage by meth addicts to get back at her for not leaving the farm with her.

More To The Story


Just when you thought it couldn’t get crazier from there, Bekah reveals more wild instances from the story. Bekah also revealed that she once hit a bear with her car while she was living at the weed farm.

Bekah also confessed that the job at the weed farm was sketchy, but thankfully didn’t feel unsafe. However, she did leave abruptly one day after not being able to shake the feeling that something was wrong.


Bekah reveals that she contacted her parents the day after they filed the report, and they contacted the police. Unfortunately, she wasn’t removed from the list, which is how fans discovered it months later.

At least people know that Bekah was not irresponsibly filming ‘The Bachelor’ without her parent’s knowledge. Now the mother of two can finally rest knowing that her truth is out there for people to know.