The Benefits Of Aromatherapy Showers and Baths

After a long day, a hot shower or bath is just the medicine you need to wash the day away. But when you add aromatherapy into the mix, you’re treating yourself to all sorts of benefits along with the destressing bath!

Aromatherapy has helped scent our way through some illnesses. The delightful scents of essential oils can help you with many issues, including a stuffy nose or even your anxiety just by smelling a bit of the oil or diffusing it into the air!

But if you don’t want to add essential oils to your bath time routine, you can choose to get the effects of aromatherapy through fresh or dry plants too! Here are the benefits of adding aromatherapy to your bath time routine.

Wakes You Up


When you need an extra boost to get you all bright-eyed in the morning, you can add a mixture of grapefruit and spearmint into your morning shower. You can apply a few drops to the floor or the shower wall, and the steam from the hot water will help diffuse the scent.

You can also try adding other citrus scents like lemon or orange scents if you enjoy them! You’ll be feeling more alert and energized once you get a whiff of that fresh steam!

Helps Open Your Sinuses


If you’re dealing with a stuffed nose, a nice hot shower or even a steamy bath can help open your sinuses right up. But if you really want to get full use of your nose again, you should try adding a few drops of peppermint or eucalyptus essential oils to your bath!

Helps Fight Infections


Citrus oils, especially lemon, have shown properties that fight infections and can even help boost your immune system. But you have to be cautious with citrus essential oils when you’re going out in the sun, so try not to go out with these oils on your skin!

Lightens Your Mood


Citrus notes and other fresh essential oils like mint can help boost your mood throughout the day. So if you’re looking forward to a great day, you can add a few drops to your shower for a happy start to your day!

Relaxes You


Scents like lavender and ylang-ylang help keep you calm and relaxed. So they’d do perfectly in a bath at the end of a long and hard day!

Vanilla and Chamomile can also help you sleep better at night! Always be cautious when using essential oils because incorrect use can cause harm, and practice extra caution when using them around animals!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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