The Best Careers For Introverts

How we see the world differs from person to person. One popular grouping of this thinking is the extroverted and introverted personality types. While several versions define these personality groupings, one thing is clear; they have to do with energy.

Extroverts draw their energy from social situations, whereas Introverts draw their energy from within. However, this distinction has created a stereotype of introverted personalities. They are widely believed to be withdrawn, socially awkward, shy, and soft-spoken.

This isn’t necessarily true. Many introverts hold well-honed social skills and have excellent relationships with others. They mostly prefer having more alone time to recharge. So what types of occupations best suit the skill of an introvert? Scroll below to find out.


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Accountants do not require consecutive meetings and large teams to work well. Many accountants are not known to be outgoing. Therefore, the solitary nature of the job is perfect for introverts. In this job, you analyze financial data, crunch numbers, and keep up with tax payments. Therefore, there is always a need for an accountant. 

Artist / Graphic Designer


To create is quite often to work independently. Thus the artist of all personality types maintains a semblance of control over their work. Moreover, they work in a studio space or at an agency where they have to spend several hours alone working and developing their craft or project. Even better, you can freelance and only show your portfolio online or on one on one meetings.


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Interviews are known to ask for the Myers-Briggs test to understand their employee’s strengths better. In a 1992 study, nearly two-thirds of librarians fell under the introverted category. Frankly, libraries are perfect places to work for introverts. It’s quiet, you spend enough time working alone, and crowds are controlled. 

Writer/Technical Writer

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Writers or technical writers like artists spend a lot of time letting their words do the talking for them. The works can range from creative fiction, content writing to business copy. If the world technical writer is new to you, these are individuals who make user-friendly guides and manuals to make life easier for the everyday client.  


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Use your introversion to your advantage and become a photographer. Your unique perspective could be very different from others. Furthermore, if you are skilled enough, you can capture significant events and creatively interpret commercials. 


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The world of engineering is vast and in demand. Engineers are often made up of extroverts and introverts who, despite working in teams, individually have to use their mathematical and scientific education to solve problems. You can look into their numerous specializations to see which environment you fit into the best. 

Researcher / Scientist


Scientific professions are a dream for introverts. Social interaction is not a major feature or draw of the job. Therefore if you are naturally curious and rational, you might thrive in a scientific-based environment. Even if you work in a team, you are more likely to spend time independently researching your knowledge in your particular area of study.

IT Manager


As an IT manager, you will spend quite a bit of time with machines. Your primary duties are to manage the security and operation of a business’s information systems. Tech knowledge is required as you will have to handle software and hardware and give IT assistance when needed.

Psychologist / Psychiatrist

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Remember when we said that introverts could have rich relationships? Psychologists and psychiatrists must have beneficial one-on-one interactions with their patients. They do this by listening and understanding their challenges and concerns. Most introverts thrive here as they often possess incredible listening skills, which is crucial for mental health professionals. 


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Well, isn’t this the perfect job for an introverted personality? Your primary clients are not people but animals, and those are the cutest clients there are. Your entire career will be to ensure that animals live healthy lives. 

Written By:
Annette Shadeya

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