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The Most Important Things To Know Before Getting A Brazilian Wax


June 02, 2021

Many women reach a point in their lives when they choose to wax as their hair removal method of choice. Whether you’re a high school freshman or on your second marriage, you must know a few things beforehand. 

Waxing may seem like an extremely painful process, especially if you have not had a wax before. Even those who get waxed on their face and other body parts regularly get nervous about the bikini area. 

However, there are benefits to waxing, like softer growing hair, so it is worth trying for those interested. To prepare yourself, read below to explore the most important things to know before getting a Brazilian wax. 

What Exactly is A Brazilian Wax?

A Brazilian wax involves removing all of the hair from your bikini area, leaving it completely bare. This means that hair is removed from the sides, top, and hard-to-reach spots at the bottom of your pubic area. 

Some may leave a triangle or a line of hair on the area when getting this wax. Those who leave the area completely bare usually refer to the process as a full Brazilian wax instead of just a Brazilian wax. 

How Much It Will Hurt

Unfortunately, most experts reveal that getting a Brazilian wax will hurt quite a bit the first time. On the bright side, it gets more bearable as the treatment goes, and the butt area is not as bad as the front. 

If you are very sensitive, it can help to take a recommended dose of Advil before the appointment. Keeping up with regular appointments may also help the wax hurt less, so keep going in afterward. 

To avoid feeling more pain, it is essential to book an appointment around your period. People are more sensitive to pain during their premenstrual stage, so the pain maybe even more difficult to manage then.

Things To Avoid

There are many things to avoid before a Brazilian wax appointment, and shaving is one of them. The hair needs to be a quarter-inch long to be considered long enough for waxing, which makes shaving futile. 


One should also avoid exfoliating or moisturizing the bikini area before an appointment so the wax can grip hairs. It is also important to ensure that you aren’t on skin thinning medication like Accutane before an appointment. 

Experts also recommend not wearing tight pants on appointment day to avoid chafing against the raw skin. Touching the area and engaging in sweaty activities are also things to avoid for a day after the wax.