The Only Guide You Need To Survive Black Friday Shopping

The annual Black Friday excitement gets bigger and more dangerous each year. Stampedes, large crowds, and violent attacks may not be the deals you signed up for, but you can expect them. 

Black Friday creates a massive commotion each year, and it seems to only get worse with time. Unfortunately, we are also in the middle of a pandemic, so there is a lot to consider this time around. 

There are many ways to avoid the frustration of Black Friday if you prepare for the day beforehand. Take a look at the five vital tips that will help you get through the Black Friday rush efficiently and safely this year.

Prepare For The Worst-Case Scenario

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If you are prone to panic attacks, are asthmatic, or get injured easily, you should prepare for the worst. Large crowds can break out into a life-threatening stampede if you do not know how to react at the time. 

Bring your hands up to your chest and stay put in the case of a stampede to avoid getting hurt. If you are having an emergency, ask people to surf you out of the crowd so you can reach help in the store. 

Wear A Crossbody Bag

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Black Friday crowds can get very rowdy, especially when there are people with bad intentions around. Many people realize that they’ve lost items or been pickpocketed when it’s too late in the day. 

A crossbody bag will keep all of your items secure and close to your body while you shop for deals. This bag will also be useful for extra masks, gloves, or disinfectants for shopping during the pandemic. 

Wear Many Layers

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A lot of people forget about the crisp weather when they go out on their deal-hunting escapades. Unfortunately, this isn’t safe because it can still get quite cold even on the biggest shopping day. 

Wear peelable layers, so you are comfortable in any weather situation. If you are going to camp out and wait for stores to open overnight, don’t forget to wear a hat to trap all of your body heat. 

Shop Online

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Avoid crowds and coronavirus by shopping for the best deals online. Browse through the internet to discover the best sales and bookmark your favorite stores in preparation for the day. 

Websites may crash during Black Friday, so always shop with multiple devices to avoid disappointment. Chat to a sneakerhead for virtual shopping tips because they are pros at snatching deals online. 

Stay Hydrated

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Although the Black Friday frenzy can distract you from your routine, you shouldn’t forget to eat. Deal shopping is energy consuming, and nothing is worse than trying to keep going on an empty stomach. 

Fainting, low blood sugar levels, headaches, and fatigue can hit you if you don’t follow this tip. Carry a water bottle and a pack of almonds in your crossbody bag so you can snack throughout the day.

Written by:
Siba Mosana

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