The Secrets Behind Kate Middleton’s Effortless Style

Fashion faux pas has no place in any royal event. Especially when you’re in line to become the Queen one day. Kate Middleton is very aware that she can never be anything less than perfect.

Over the year, the Duchess of Cambridge has developed a very distinct style that still meets very strict royal protocols. To maintain her effortless yet perfect look, Kate relies on some simple yet effective fashion secrets.

1. Pantyhose with Sticky Heels

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Royal ladies always wear pantyhose when their legs are on show. However, this can cause their feet to slip around in their shoes.

To combat this, Kate Middleton chooses tights that have silicone pads at the bottom. This allows the tights to stick to the inside of her high heels. One of her favorites is the Non-Slip Open Toe Tights by John Lewis.

 2. Leather Insoles in Heels

As a royal, Kate Middleton spends a lot of her time attending functions in heels. Many of these functions require her to also stand for long periods of time.

Most of us know, standing in high heels can be a killer. However, Kate has solved the issue by using Alice Bow leather insoles to add an extra cushion padding to any shoe to make it more comfortable.

3. Opting For Fascinators

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Royal protocol dictates that women should cover their hair. Instead of opting for the expected hat, the duchess has found a way to abide by the rule without ruining her hair.

Instead, she gives preference to pillbox hats, headbands, and fascinators. These can be clipped in place, are more comfortable than a large hat, and if she ever needs to take them off, she will not have the dreaded hat hair effect.

 4. Reuse & Restyle

Never one to be wasteful or excessive, the Duchess of Cambridge has been known to wear certain pieces in her cupboard more than once. However, she always manages to restyle her favorite pieces to create new and interesting outfits.

Whether she adds a new belt or opts for different accessories, she has mastered the art of refreshing an old outfit. Needless to say, she proves that elegance and style do not need to make you broke.

5. Strapless Shapewear

According to The Sun, royal etiquette expert, Myka Meier revealed on Instagram that Kate has one piece of clothing that is essential to her entire wardrobe. Meier revealed that the duchess uses a strapless, seamless bodysuit to achieve a sleek silhouette.

“Royal Style Hack Alert! Ever wonder why you never see bra straps?! Swipe to see a secret trick which is a must-have royal wardrobe piece!”

wrote Meier.

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