The Sirtfood Diet: Unpacking Adele’s Go To Weight Loss Method

There are so many diets doing the rounds that it can be hard to keep up. It seems like, with every new season, there is a new diet fad that everybody seems to be following and dedicating their lives to.

Some of these diets are incredibly helpful, and the results are almost instantaneous, while others are a little more complicated, and the results come about slower. Still, they are more sustainable for daily life.

One of these diets is the sirtfood diet, which singer Adele attributed her weight loss to, and we’re here to guide you through it.

What Is It?


Each new diet trend that pops up from time to time offers a different type of fat burning or muscle-building foods that target your body in different ways, and each of these is called something different.

On the sirtfood diet, there is a similar thing going on. In this diet, you eat foods that activate proteins in the body called sirtuins. Sirtuins protect your cells from dying under stress such as inflammation and aging.


On this diet, you only eat foods that activate sirtuins in your body so that your body can healthily shed weight and protect your cells at the same time.



There are many diets out there that people follow because they are popular or because they have seen somebody else get the results that they wanted in a short amount of time, and they want the same.

The efficacy of any diet varies from person to person, depending on your dedication to the diet, exercise, and any other factors that might influence the efficacy of the diet. In general, though, the sirtfood diet is effective as long as you follow it well and stick to eating healthily and exercising once you have completed the diet.

How To Follow It


The diet is made up of two phases, which can be repeated repeatedly anytime you want to lose weight. However, if you carry on eating healthily and exercising regularly, you should not need to diet more than once.

The first phase consists of restricting your calorie intake to 1000 calories a day and drinking plenty of green juice. This phase lasts for seven days, but you can increase your calorie intake to 1500 calories on day four.


The second phase consists of two weeks of ‘maintenance’ when you lose weight steadily in an attempt to be able to keep it off for longer in a healthier way. There are no calorie restrictions in this phase, but you must eat three meals filled with sirtfoods per day and ensure that you drink at least two green juices.

The Bottom Line


The sirtfood diet is a diet just like any other in that it will help you lose weight and see results fairly quickly if you follow it correctly, but the weight will only come back if you do not have a healthy lifestyle once the diet is over.

There is no replacement for a healthy and balanced diet and regular exercise, and while the diet will help you lose weight initially, only a balanced diet and exercise are long-term solutions to weight loss.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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