The Ultimate Guide To Laying A Wig For Beginners

Apr 11, 2021
10:00 A.M.
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We love wigs for how versatile they can be. They let you rock different hairstyles without ruining your natural hair. Also, they come in handy on the days you’re having bad hair days and want to slap something on to look cute.


However, if you think styling it is as easy as cutting off the lace and slapping it on- wait. It’s essential to customize it to your head first, to let it seamlessly flow so naturally that it would be impossible to tell where your natural hair begins.

As a beginner, there is no need to feel intimidated; this is not a statistics exam. We’ve compiled super simple but effective steps you can take to lay that wig. Therefore, before you rock your new unit, grab your notebook and use this guide to make your new wig as laid as possible.

Know What You’re Working With


Before you get the unit, you first need to know which wig you want. Some offered need you to customize, and others are ready-to-wear wigs great for those who do not have the time. They come pre-cut and colored.

Also, lace front wigs that would blend seamlessly on the skin. However, cutting the lace would require some skill akin to the ones we’ve seen while scrolling on Youtube. Lastly, there are 360-degree lace wigs that allow you to switch to different styles without exposing the tracks at the back.

Bleach The Lace


The first step to a seamlessly laid wig is to bleach the lace. Trust us; this would make a world of difference. This is because wig hair can look unnatural since it’s sewn through tiny knots. Therefore, altering the color of the lace will look more flawless against the scalp.

As intimidating as it may be, bleaching the lace is simple. Ensure you have a thick formula, so it doesn’t sip through the lace and bleach your natural hair. Remember, the goal is to get the lace to match your skin tone, so take breaks in between to check if it fits.

Cut The Lace


Get a mannequin head; you’re going to need it. Now that you have an excellent lace frontal, you need to cut the lace to the correct size. Pay close attention while doing so, as cutting the lace incorrectly can ruin the unit resulting in difficulty gluing it down. Let’s save some tears, ladies.

The best way is to cut the lace is to wear it on your head first. Make a small marking where you would like it to end and place it back on the mannequin head. From there, cut a line in the middle to enable you to cut the lace easily on either side.

Pluck The Wig


Now that your lace looks realistic, you need to pluck the hairline. Remember, no one’s hairline is ever in a perfectly straight line. Therefore, pluck the wig to remove the density and create a more natural parting. If you wish, cut a few strands for some baby hairs too.

You can do this while the wig is on your head. Make sure to pluck the wig hair away from your face to avoid ripping the lace. To be sure, have a mirror in front of you. You want to avoid going overboard and having bald spots on your expensive unit. You can also use YouTube to guide you.

Braid Down Your Natural Hair


Based on your wig parting, you need to smooth down your hairline for a flawless finish. We recommend braiding to allow your part to lay on your skin when wearing your new unit. Additionally, this is a step you would not want to miss to avoid having bumps on your head.

Alternatively, if you have extremely fine hair, you don’t need to braid it. You can sleek it down into a low ponytail, and it would be great for switching between wash and go’s and your wig. Remember, it’s all about the foundation, so give attention to it.

Secure The Wig


The last thing you want is your expensive unit flying off your head. Security is key, and there are different adhesives and ways to keep your hair in place. Try using wig gel or wig glue. They come in various strengths. Thus, you first need to know what you would like to achieve.

Some glues and gels are lighter and easier to remove at the end of the day. Others are strong and will bond the unit to your head. Just ensure that when applying the glue, place it lightly at the hairline to avoid ruining your hair.

Finish With Dry Shampoo


As tempted as you are to reach for the sheen, don’t do it. Stock up on dry shampoo instead. It’s remarkable how a spritz of dry shampoo can make your unit look as realistic as possible. No one’s hair is ever that shiny, right?

This would be especially true for synthetic wigs as they are often sold with an unrealistic shine. However, you need to give the same treatment to the human hair units too. Your stands will look super authentic.