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The Ultimate Refrigerator Organization Guide


September 10, 2021

Alright, summer is officially over, but that does not mean you can’t spring clean, does it? I, for one, am constantly spring cleaning because I am obsessed with aesthetic organization and always want my home to look like the after frame in a Netflix show. 

Suppose you are a similar kind of person to what I am. In that case, you will probably know that organizing your refrigerator is one of the most impossible tasks to carry out because of all the loose ends that you tend to have in your refrigerator.

Fear not, though. We have the perfect refrigerator organization tips right here for you. 


Quite often, you will buy groceries, and they will be packed into their containers. This is great for transporting them home from the grocery store, but once you start to pack them into your refrigerator, you will notice that it becomes difficult. 

It is a good idea to remove the packaging from all of your items so that you can pack them back into the refrigerator in a way that you see fit. This could be a multitude of ways and will depend on you as a person.

Clear Bins 

One of the best ways to store the groceries you have bought once you have removed the packaging is to store the food into clear bins that you can stack in your refrigerator and still see the food in them. 

There are many different sizes of these bins that you can purchase, which can be used for different foods and products that you will need to store in your refrigerator. 

Adjust Shelves 

When you start to pack your foods into the clear plastic bins, you will notice that you might not have as much space as you thought you had for the bins in your refrigerator, but there is an easy way to get around this. 

All you need to do is adjust the shelving in your refrigerator to accommodate the bins. You will not need as much shelving when you have the bins, and you will then have more space in the refrigerator.


Once you have adjusted your shelves and decided which storage bin will be for which foods, you must label the storage bins accordingly because they might be different sizes, and you need to know where to pack things once you have them out of their packaging. 

You can get adhesive labels printed or simply get a chalk label, stick it onto the storage bin, and then grab some chalk to label the bins. This is useful if you tend to change it up quite often.

Silicone Bags 

Aside from the storage bins, you might need something else to hold smaller fruits and vegetables because you do not want them rolling around in the storage bin lose; this is where silicone bags come in. 

Silicone bags are small and reusable and can be placed into storage bins. These are great for strawberries and blueberries that require some sort of packaging that is flexible enough to use in the bins.


You must store your perishable grocery items right at the front of your refrigerator so that you use them first. If you store perishable items out of sight, you might forget that they are there, and they will go rotten. 

Find a way always to store your perishable grocery items front and center so that you do not have to worry about them going rotten without you ever having the chance to eat them. 

Fruit and Veg 


Many people group fruit and vegetables into the same category. This can often land up with items spoiling faster than they usually would because of the different enzymes released. It is also downright confusing to store fruits and vegetables altogether. 

Store your fruits and vegetables separately so that you can access each group of foods easily, and each group of foods is stored in a way that will ensure that the foods do not spoil any faster than necessary. 


Having separated your fruits from your vegetables, you can carry this theme throughout your refrigerator organization journey. Grouping like items will not only be aesthetically pleasing but will also allow you to find things easier. 

I enjoy organizing by category and having my dairy on a different shelf to the fruit and veg storage bins, but you can do this in any way that suits you. You might want to color coordinate the fridge or group items by expiry date.