Tips On How To Reduce Facial Bloating

Mar 12, 2021
10:00 P.M.
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We all know the expression “bad hair day”, but have you ever had a “bad face day”? A day when your face is puffier than usual, or it looks a little redder than it usually does. This is common and is known as facial bloating.


It is not a well-known affliction and many women experience it without even realizing it’s facial bloating they’re experiencing or what causes it. More importantly, they don’t know how to treat the ailment.

We have unpacked what facial bloating is, what causes it, and the ways that you can treat it.

What Is Facial Bloating?


Bloating is often associated with the stomach, however, bloating can and does spread to other parts of the body. Namely, the face.

Facial bloating is caused by dehydration, loss of minerals, and high sodium levels. This means that if you haven’t been eating a balanced diet and drinking enough water, your face could be puffy. You can also be incredibly healthy but experience facial bloating from a meal rich in sodium, like sushi.

What Causes Facial Bloating?


All of the above-mentioned things cause facial bloating, however, there are many other things that could contribute toward you being puffier than usual.

Alcohol is a bloating agent in and of itself, but it also makes you retain water and this contributes toward bloating. If you were drinking the night before, chances are you will be bloated around all areas of the body the next morning.


Your menstrual cycle also contributes to bloating. Your menstrual cycle affects your entire body and could bloat your face while it bloats your abdomen. This is common and can be remedied.

One of the biggest contributors to facial bloating is stress. The stress hormone, cortisol makes you bloat and will make your face appear much puffier than usual. This means that you should always keep your stress levels in check.

How Do I Treat Facial Bloating?


Stay hydrated. It seems counterintuitive, but drinking as much water as your body needs will ensure that your body doesn’t feel the need to hold onto water when it gets some. This means that your body will release whatever water it doesn’t need.

Snack on fruits and vegetables, this is a tip that gets used often but it’s because it truly works. You should be eating more fruits and vegetables than anything else. This will ensure that you don’t crave sweet treats.

Get good sleep. Sleep affects so much in our lives and facial bloating is one of them. If you don’t sleep enough your face is much more likely to be puffy the next morning.


Use a jade roller. You can massage your face with a jade roller so that your face drains some of the excess fluid buildups. This will help you to look less puffy and is an affordable way to feel like you’re getting luxury skincare.

Learn how to do a lymphatic drainage massage on your own face. You will be able to massage your lymph glands so that all of the excess fluid in your face drains away. Lymphatic drainage massages can be done on almost every body part, too.