Tips To Help You Save Time Every Day

Saving time is a superpower. When we know how to manage our time, we get our work done faster. As a result, we have more free time. And we reach our goals more quickly. Anyone can save time. You just need the right tools.

For starters, the idea is to realize how you organize your days. For that, tomorrow, you will write down all the actions you take to learn the time spent on your different tasks.

Between the tens of thousands of chores you need to do before bed, the days seem too short! To simplify your life and be more serene, discover tips to save time every day and avoid the perpetual races against the clock.

List Your Tasks

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To realize how much you need to accomplish and how much you’ve already accomplished, consider making a list. To avoid doing secondary tasks and accumulating essential ones, keep the order of priorities in mind. You can make a list of short, medium, or long-term goals by assigning a specific date for each activity.

Eliminate Distractions

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Initially, a simple notification wastes our time without counting the time it takes to refocus on our work. Even the smallest of distractions can put us in a vicious cycle and waste a lot of our time. 

To avoid this, the Coldturkey application can help us. But to really eliminate distractions and save time, it is essential to strengthen our self-discipline. It is through self-discipline that one can concentrate better and more easily ignore distractions.

Group Similar Tasks

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When we switch tasks, our brain needs time to adapt to make the transition. Therefore, to waste less time, it is essential to group the small tasks and choose a time to take care of them.

Delegate To Save Time

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By transferring a task to someone else, you can free yourself several minutes or even several hours of work. Delegating also allows you to benefit from the expertise of others.

When you lack the know-how to accomplish something, you have a better time delegating the work to someone who has it. So not only will we get better quality work, but we will also get it faster.

Keep Things In The Right Place


How much time do we waste every day looking for our keys, searching our files to find a document, looking through our inbox to find an attachment? These are hours and hours we are wasting every year. To save time, you have to get into the habit of putting everything in its place.

Put your keys always in the same place, keep your files always in the same folders, save attachments in specific categories of our email box, and more. These small daily gestures can save us hours in the long term.

Automate Tasks

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You can automate many repetitive tasks. For example, posts on social networks, invoices, passwords that we keep retyping are actions that can easily be transferred to a program, so we no longer have to deal with them. 

Learn Your Shortcuts

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Something as simple as learning keyboard shortcuts can save us a lot of time in the long run. For example, if you do specific actions three times faster, you will take three times less time; it’s that simple.

Prepare For The Next Day


To avoid the mad rush in the morning and start the day in peace, organize the day before the next day. Find out about the weather conditions for the next day so that you can prepare clothes for each member of your family.

Plan Menus For The Week

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On Saturday or Sunday, take 15 minutes of your time to plan meals for the week. So you won’t have to rack your brains every day wondering, “What are we eating tonight?”

Cook In Large Quantities


To avoid spending hours behind the stove after a day full of activities, do not hesitate to cook in quantity. Then, you can either serve them again the next day or freeze them. Thus, you will have a meal ready to eat each day.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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