Tips To Manage An Oily Scalp

Daniella Segell
Sep 11, 2021
09:00 P.M.
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Having greasy hair used to be something that used to be frowned upon and that people used to do their best to avoid. Luckily for us, lazy girls and hairstylists everywhere have developed hairstyles that work with greasy hair.


However, having oily hair, in general, is not something that women seek out. Many women want clean hair for as long as possible, and this is not something they can achieve because their scalp is too oily.

If you are one of these women, here are some solutions to your oily scalp woes.


Woman having hair washed in salon | Unsplash

Woman having hair washed in salon | Unsplash

You need to do washing your hair to keep your hair healthy, but it is also important that you do not wash your hair too often as this can cause your hair to become greasy much quicker than it would usually.

Try to wash your hair only once or twice a week so that your hair gets used to not being washed constantly. Doing this will cause your hair to release fewer oils each day, keeping your hair looking clean for much longer.



Hair brush and other products | Unsplash

Hair brush and other products | Unsplash

If you have straight hair and brush it daily, you could make your hair oily without even realizing it. You must brush your hair with a brush that will not make your roots look even greasier than they are.

If this is something that you are looking at doing, it is best to get a boar bristle brush. If you want a vegan product, you can also get faux boar bristle brushes. These brushes help to pick up and distribute the oil throughout the head.

Dry Shampoo

Hair stylist spraying hair spray on client | Unsplash

Hair stylist spraying hair spray on client | Unsplash


If you are someone that cannot stand the thought of your hair looking greasy even for one day out of the week, it is probably best that you get yourself a dry shampoo to tide you over on non-wash days.

That being said, you mustn’t use too much dry shampoo because having too much product buildup in your hair might make it even greasier, and you will have counteracted the purpose of the dry shampoo.


Schwarzzkopf products | Unsplash

Schwarzzkopf products | Unsplash

Many people shy away from using conditioner as they believe that their hair will be less greasy if they do not use it. This may be true, but if you correctly use conditioner, you will be able to use it without worrying about an oily scalp.


The rule of thumb with conditioner is that it should never touch your scalp. The purpose of a conditioner is to hydrate the ends of your hair, and it has no benefit for the roots. Apply conditioner from the base of your skull to the ends of your hair for the best results.

No Touching

Woman running fingers through hair | Unsplash

Woman running fingers through hair | Unsplash

When you first wash your hair and feel all soft and luxurious, all you want to do is run your fingers through it all day. While it is a lovely feeling to have soft and clean hair, you should keep your hands off of it as much as possible.

Touching your hair allows the oils from your fingers to attach to your hair and make it oilier even faster than it usually would be. Try not to touch your hair unless you are brushing or styling it.


Straight Hair

Young woman with long, straight hair | Unsplash

Young woman with long, straight hair | Unsplash

Straightening your hair with a flat iron or a round brush and a hairdryer might be a sure-fire way to look sophisticated, but it is also one of the ways that your hair will end up looking greasy much faster than usual.

Having straight hair allows the oil a straight passage right down the hair, which allows the hair to get greasy much faster and stay that way because the strands offer a place for the oil to stagnate. Having curly hair will keep your hair clean for longer.

Scalp Scrub

Scrubbing product | Unsplash

Scrubbing product | Unsplash


The most important thing to remember about greasy hair is that it all starts with an oily scalp. Your hair starts at the roots in your scalp, and your scalp determines how healthy your hair will be as well as how long it stays clean.

If you scrub your scalp once or twice a month, you will remove the dead skin and debris on your scalp and make way for healthy skin that does not get oily as easily, thus leaving your hair clean for longer.

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