Tips To Reducing Anxiety When Using Public Restrooms

Going to the bathroom is natural, but it gets intimidating when others are around. Holding it till you’re alone can be impossible, and you’ll be forced to go, but the anxiety might not let you!

If you can’t go to the bathroom in public, be it to pee or poo, you’re not alone. Many people find it awkward to use the toilet in public, and sometimes, no matter how urgent it is, your body can refuse to let you use the bathroom.

It’s not always easy to just let go, especially when you’ve been working yourself up to using the public restroom all the while your sense of urgency is building. Here are some tips to help reduce the anxiety of going to the bathroom.

Clean up if you need to


If you’re worried about the state of cleanliness, then carry some sanitizer or even use a toilet seat cover. Worrying about catching an infection from a toilet can make it difficult to go when you need to!

You can use your sanitation products to wipe the seat before sitting down. For added protection you can still use a toilet seat cover, if you don’t have one, layer the seat with toilet paper to make yourself feel comfortable.


Holding it in can cause more problems; it can lead to infections because you’re not going to the bathroom often enough. Try and go to the bathroom every time you need to so you can avoid needing to visit the doctor for a urinary tract infection.

Even if it means you’re squatting over the toilet to pee or using a urinal so that you can stand and pee! As long as you feel comfortable enough to let it out, you should!

It’s a natural body process.


Don’t be ashamed; everyone has to do it, and we know all about it, so don’t be afraid of judgment. We all know that your pee can’t always be silent, and that poop stinks!

Use TP


Layering the bottom of the toilet bowl with toilet paper can dull the sounds. So if you’re worried that someone might hear you, but you’re desperate, you can always try putting down some toilet paper first before you sit down.

Use the buddy system.


You can try peeing around your friend to make you comfortable enough to go. If you’re already comfortable enough around them, you can ask them to go to the bathroom with you to make you feel more at ease.

If that doesn’t work, you can ask them to talk to you; sometimes, getting distracted is the best way to go! Hopefully, one of these tips can help to make your bathroom visit a lot less frantic!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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