Tips To Using Your Empathy To Your Advantage

Being an empath means you’re more aware of your surroundings than you might like. While it does have its challenges, there are ways to use it to your advantage and get the best out of life.

Being an empath is just being highly sensitive to the feelings and emotions of the people around you. When they talk about their experiences, their wins and losses can feel like your own.

It can feel like a burden and leave you overwhelmed when you don’t look after yourself. But there are ways you can channel your empathy and use it to your advantage.

Trust your gut


Suppose you feel like you’re pretty good at picking up on bad vibes and energy use it to your advantage! It can help you navigate your personal relationships and figure out if a person will be a good addition to your circle.

You can also use your ability to pick up on people’s energy to sense and detect problems in your personal relationships. You can find ways to make changes in your relationships to make it better or simply figuring out if the relationship needs to end.

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If someone is constantly negative, you’ll feed off their energy; as an empath, it isn’t the most ideal friendship for you to keep. So you either need to spend more time recharging or end that friendship.

Likewise, if someone is always positive, you’ll be able to thrive in that friendship. Feeding off energy that is filled with positivity and love will make you feel better, and it can leave you wanting to spend time around others.

Stop things before they happen.


Being able to pick up on people’s energies makes you useful to diffuse the tension between people before trouble even arises. This makes you a superhero when you’re providing comfort to people when they’re going through an anxious period.

It’s comforting when someone can understand what you’re going through without having to tell them when you’re not ready verbally. So if your loved one is going through a particularly difficult time, grabbing their favorite tub of ice cream and putting on their comfort movie can help.

Get creative


Use your ability to feel things on a deeper level and make it into something people can see or hold. It’s a great way to bring to life what you’re feeling inside, and hopefully, people can understand that or, in the least bit, enjoy the way it looks!

Cast a line if you can sense it


You may not be close to someone, but you can sense when they’re going through something particularly difficult. Casting a line and letting them know that they can reach out to you when necessary can be a form of comfort to them!

Using your gift can help strengthen the relationships in your life and even give you a level up in your workplace. Just don’t forget to take some time for yourself because helping others can be exhausting! 

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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