Tips & Tricks To Getting Organized

Without being well organized, it is easy to waste time during the day. Your environment, planning, and the way you work have a significant influence on the progress of your tasks.

Being productive or improving our productivity by organizing ourselves better can be very useful to us both in our professional and personal life. If you manage yourself better, you will free up time to work on your project and initiate your life-changing process.

Because being better organized not only makes life easier but also helps relieve thought and memory. Becoming more orderly also avoids dispersing. And it’s never too late to get started.

Set Goals For The Day

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These goals must, of course, be achievable; otherwise, you risk being left behind on your schedule all the time, but they must also be ambitious to force you to achieve them.

Plan The Activities

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You may not be able to keep all your appointments and other activities in memory successfully. Having a planner can make your life a lot easier. It is even an essential point that will reduce your stress. Leave as little room as possible for the unexpected to fully control your days.

By opting for such a duration, you will keep the possibility of modifying or arranging your schedule as you wish. Also, take the opportunity to include moments of leisure and times to deal with the unexpected. The ideal opportunity to combine your different activities, and all without any pressure!

Establish Priorities

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You have to accept that you will not necessarily succeed in doing everything during the day. To stay as efficient as possible, set priorities. When making your diary, always remember to carry out this step beforehand not to forget them. Do not hesitate to make much more visible what remains a priority in your planning.

Otherwise, you will find yourself having to deal with it at the last minute, all accompanied by a surge of adrenaline and a decrease in the quality of your work. Therefore, always allow a little longer to complete these tasks to compensate for any unforeseen event.

Don’t Organize Too Many Meetings

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Organizing meetings is still necessary for the proper functioning of your business. However, you should not plan too much. They can quickly turn to a reunion and represent a waste of time. In addition, organizations can become more complicated if the number of meetings is too large.

Finish One Task Before Starting Another

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We are more efficient when we deal with one task at a time. Going from one job to another distracts us and wastes our time. It is therefore preferable not to change tasks until you have completed the first one.

Quality Of Sleep And Lifestyle

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No matter how much better you organize yourself, you will not move forward if you are tired when you start your day! To be productive, you need to be fit and wide awake. Therefore, the quality of your sleep is essential. If you get a good night’s sleep, you’ll be fitter and have more energy to tackle the day in the best possible way.

It is also essential to have a healthy lifestyle. Our body is a machine that we feed with more or less adequate food. If you provide for your body poorly, don’t be surprised if you sleep badly or have trouble concentrating. Eat healthily and exercise regularly. A healthy mind in a healthy body!

Walk And Breathe

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Don’t stay behind a computer screen all day. Do not hesitate to get up and walk once an hour to take a mini-break. Also, you should ventilate your premises at least once in the morning and the afternoon. Finally, if you are not a smoker, take a cigarette break without a cigarette.

This will allow you to relax, release your eye and mental pressure to start again later, and be more productive for your other tasks. But, on the other hand, you should not find the excuse to ventilate yourself to avoid a tedious task.

Don’t Be Too Much Of A Perfectionist


We are more satisfied with ourselves when we produce good quality work rather than shoddy quality work. But perfectionism is the enemy of productivity and goal achievement. So, no, you don’t have to behave like Steve Jobs!

In addition, some people are such perfectionists that they regularly start new projects and never finish them! You can be picky about your job as long as it doesn’t stop you from moving forward and creating.

Set A Deadline

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Set a goal and a deadline for the most critical tasks. Without a deadline, you risk drifting back in time and wasting your energy on your project if you feel like you are not moving forward.

Know When To Have A Good Time

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When you have an exciting and full life made up of many projects, you can easily get lost working a lot to the point of putting aside some essential things in your life or to the point of burnout.

We must know how to lead a balanced life between our professional projects, projects, and daily lives with our partner, family, and friends. You have to understand how to take the time to relax, unwind, but also to take the time to play sports to get some fresh air and do your body good.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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