Tips & Tricks To Staying Cool On A Hot Summer Night

This heat cannot only be getting to me. Everyone in the northern hemisphere must be boiling to the point of melting into their shoes, and while the warmth is lovely, the sheer heat that comes with it is exhausting! 

The worst part about the heat is that it makes it so difficult to sleep! As much as you toss and turn, you can’t seem to get comfortable, and that only makes for a very grumpy person the next day. 

Here is a guide on how to stay cool during these sweltering summer slumbers



Ensuring that you have the correct sheets to sleep on is one of the best ways to ensure the best night’s sleep possible. After all, they are where you spend the entire night, so you need to be comfortable. 

The best sheets to have on your bed during summer are soft cotton blend sheets. These light and airy sheets will not be too hot but will allow you to feel comforted as they have the feel of any other sheets. 



You might know by now that having a cold shower will cool you down for a long time after you have climbed out of the shower, and at times, that can be highly annoying; however, during summer, it’s a blessing. 

Taking a cold shower just before bed will allow you to feel cool all night as you will fall asleep feeling cool and stay asleep more easily. Ensure that you dry your hair, though it can damage your hair to sleep with it wet. 



This might not be an option for everybody, but if you feel safe enough to do so, crack open a window to ensure that the room has enough airflow and you can sleep better because the room will feel cooler. 

If you do not feel safe enough to leave your windows open while you sleep, try getting a fan and angling it away from your bed. This will help to cool your room down without the airflow from the fan affecting your sinuses. 



Throughout summer, you must stay hydrated regardless of whether you’re feeling hot or not. However, to stay cool during the long summer nights, it is good to have a water bottle nearby. 

Keep a bottle of water or a glass of iced water next to your bed so that if you can’t sleep, you can take a drink. You will feel better because water regulates your body temperature. 



In winter, people have been known to take hot water bottles to bed to feel warmer and cozier because of the heat coming off of the bottle. You can use a similar trick in summer to keep yourself cool. 

Simply partially fill a hot water bottle with water and pop it in the freezer for a little while before you go to bed. You do not have to freeze it completely, just enough so that the coolness coming off of it will allow you to sleep better. 

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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