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Top 10 Ways To Empower Fellow Women


May 30, 2021

Together we're stronger. Women must empower each other because the gender gap still exists, and we should fight this fight together. 

Gender equality has been a hot topic for a while as we're still fighting to accelerate equality. In the workplace, the gender gaps persist; Latina women make 54 cents for every dollar a man makes; one in five women have experienced sexual assault, and the list goes on. 

Clearly, there's a long way to go. But the good news is that the collective is more connected than ever before. Even if we're more powerful when we're together, we can still support each other on an individual level. Here are ten ways to do it so. 

Offer Support

There's no such thing as "too strong to experience pain." Even that girlfriend we have that seems to have everything together, it's likely there's something out of track in her life too; after all, we're all humans. It's important to show support to all women; it doesn't matter where they are on their journey.

Be Open And Vulnerable

Sometimes we feel that women who made it and are successful are special or rare cases. However, those who got to the top faced tribulations and difficulties. Sharing our vulnerabilities and being open with other women does not only empower them to walk their walk, but it's truly inspiring.

Compliment Each Other

A compliment is something that boosts someone's confidence at a level that, sometimes, we might underestimate. Studies have shown that receiving praise has the same positive effect as receiving cash. Now, imagine if we women start to compliment each other more?

Stand Up For Each Other

You don't need to fully agree with the other person to stand up for her. By doing so, you show some respect for other people's opinions and empowers them. Being the one who stands up may create a snowball effect and cause others to do the same.

Offer Help

We all know pretty well female rivalry. This competition often happens because there's this collective belief that there aren't enough opportunities for all females to thrive. So instead of seeing the other women as rivals (especially at the workplace), try and be the one who opens up and offers help.

Talk About Sex

Let's talk more about sex, girls! Through talking, we can fight issues such as sexual shame, stigmas, taboos, and judgment around sex. When we hold the space for each other, free from judgment, we enable others to be themselves without fear.

Remind Them They Don't Need a Reason

Women are people-pleasers by nature. "When you hear your friend start to give an explanation of her actions, after listening for a few minutes, gently remind her that 'just because you want to' is a sufficient reason," says Kristina Hallett, Ph.D., a board-certified clinical psychologist.

Prioritize Your Alone Time

When we tend to please people and prioritize their needs over ours, we forget to respect our boundaries and necessities. Taking some time for yourself is crucial because it allows you to reflect on what's happening in your life without the influence of other people's opinions and ideas.


Be Grateful

Tell the women in your life how grateful you are for having them around. We often forget to say thank you to other women. When we remind others of their importance, we make them feel seen and appreciated.

Support Female Work

When a female friend is doing something great, getting themselves out there, putting it into work, showing your support, and doing what you can to help them get where they're aiming to go. Whether they're starting their own business, sharing their work with others, and so on.