Top 7 Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Apr 05, 2021
12:00 P.M.
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Are you pregnant, and the time to tell the world has finally come? Here are seven pregnancy announcement ideas that are easy, cute, and fit your budget.


We love hearing “We’re expecting” announcements, right? Especially if it comes from your beloved friends and family. Whether it’s the first or fourth baby, it just makes us so happy and emotional.

Indeed, social media has changed the way we see and do things. One of them is the pregnancy announcement. Let’s say that the trend started when Beyoncé revealed her pregnancy with an iconic photoshoot which she shared on her Instagram and sent the world into a spin.


Announcement Scene


What about creating a scene and inviting your friends and family to come over and surprise them? They won't believe it!

If you have a pet that’s part of your family, why not bringing him to join the surprise? I bet you will hear a lot of “aawwww”

Announcement With Proof


Sometimes people won’t believe it when you say you’re pregnant. For the naysayers, nothing better than a sonographic proof, right?

This cute pregnancy announcement idea is so cute that the soon-to-be grandma or grandpa will be speechless with this photo.

Bake A Cake


Bake or buy your partner or parents’ favorite cake, or another dessert and prepare them this cute surprise, with an "announcement cake".

This cake was used in a baby shower but you can tweak things around and change some phrases to “I’m (or we’re) expecting.”

Hi Daddy Tee


I love this idea so much because we can simply explore our imagination in ways to tell the partner he’s going to be a dad!

You can leave the tee somewhere next to his bedside or invite him for a hiking or romantic dinner and surprise him with this gift.

Baby In A Basket


If you want to leave a surprising basket by your parents’ doorstep, make sure they’re healthy and have no heart issues!

Another option is to hand-deliver if you want. You can maybe add some treats on the top of the card and when they’re done eating, voilà!

Throwing a Party


If you have the time, money, and mood to throw a party, I mean, why not? Regarding pregnancy announcement ideas, there’s no such thing as rules.

When you decide that throwing a party to break the news is for you, you can invite a few friends and family and just tell them that you’re “celebrating life”. They’ll understand later…

Virtual Card


Similar to sharing a pic on social media, sending a virtual card is something a bit more personal and you get to choose the ones you want to share the news with.

You can either get a designer to make them for you or use free designing tools such as Canva and send them via email.

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