Top Employability Skills That Can’t Be Replaced By Technology

While machines and automated technological systems have taken over, no organization can fully function without its human capital. Employees will always be valued for their creativity, empathy, emotional intelligence and a variety of other skills. 

We are in an era marked by advancements in every field, including IT and Science. Artificial Intelligence and Robots have become a part of many global business firms, but even the biggest success stories have humans steering the wheels. 

With many companies laying off their workforce because of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s pertinent to highlight what value humans can add to the organization. Take a look at the top employability skills that can never be replaced by technology. 


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While machines can answer nearly all our questions, they have a limit to handling our queries in a creative manner. Human workforce is praised for its ability to come up with novel ideas and present a variety of innovative solutions. 

Robots and AI systems cannot exhibit the same creative skills as humans. If employees want to prepare themselves for future jobs, they need to work really hard on being as creative as possible and devise out-of-the-box solutions for various problems. 

2.Strategy Making 

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The problem with machines is that they need someone to give them order and direction. Humans, on the other hand, can make decisions and devise unique strategic plans to ensure things are running smoothly. 

3.Interpersonal Communication

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Being able to communicate effectively within teams and across organizations is a highly essential skill for the future. Machines cannot generate communication the way humans can, and neither can they exchange information on their own.  

Communication also helps in getting your point across and removing misunderstandings. Humans can also alter their body language, tone, and expressions while communicating to better get their message across and make it more clear. 

4.Emotional Intelligence 

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Emotional intelligence will always be a top skill in demand, now and in the future. Robots, AI and automated technological systems cannot show or understand emotions, and they only speak and answer to logical directions and algorithms. 

5.Critical Analysis 

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The computer can present you with a variety of answers to the most complicated questions, but it still lacks effective critical analysis skills. For instance, a search result may tell you something cannot be done in a particular way, but you can do that thing and prove it wrong. 

Humans are gifted with the ability to dream and manifest things through the power of visualization and due diligence. We are driven by our desires, thoughts and emotions – all of which make us much more powerful than the technological tools at our disposal.

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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