Top Tips To Achieve Your Career Dreams

As children, we all had dreams of being a weird and wonderful profession. As we grew older many of us either gave up on the fantastical dreams of our childhood or reached for more attainable ones.

However, whether it is to be a professional figure skater or world-class surgeon, there will always be a part of us that has a dream job. Just because it seems out of reach at times, doesn’t mean you should stop trying to reach your goal. Here are some tips to land your dream job.

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Be Realistic

When trying to reach your dream job be realistic with your goals. If you’re new to a certain field or industry be prepared to work hard for a few years in order to work your way up.

Create goals that are attainable and pour your focus into achieving them. Work in small steps to tick off short-term goals as you work towards long term goals.

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Identify Motivators

It is important to identify what keeps you motivated when working towards your career goals. Often times your motivators are also your strengths.

Understanding your own strengths and weaknesses helps you realize which areas you need to put more effort into and focus on improving your skillset. In the same way, highlighting your strengths can also help you get noticed by employers and help you land that promotion you’ve been eyeing.

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Employers look for both technical skills and as well as interpersonal skills. So ensure your are highlighting your “softer” skills as well.

“In my early career I was very driven. When I had children I relaxed more with my softer skills and I’ve been much more successful in my career ever since. Getting in touch with my natural skills, and harnessing those traits, helped me advance further,”

said Anna Barsby, former Chief Information Officer at Halfords 
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Be Organized

Your organization skills can make or break your journey to success. Ensure you are staying on top of tasks that will help you move forward.

Organization allows a stress-free and clear work environment. This in turn ensures better performance and outcomes.

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Say “Yes”

Never turn down a challenge. Saying yes can open doors that you might never see if you didn’t take on the new chance.

Whether it’s a job in a completely different industry or going on a course, never limit yourself by avoiding new experiences out of fear. At the same time, ensure you are not burning your candle on both ends.

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Accept Criticism

Embrace constructive criticism in order to constantly improve. Taking criticism and learning from it is a skill that will help you progress quickly in any career.

While some critics may seem negative, choose to focus on the constructive comments that will help you grown. Often times you will be able to fine-tune your work and perfect it as a result of these comments.

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Gain Experience

Simply having the relevant qualifications for a position will not guarantee you will land the job. Experience is an extremely important factor.

Working your way up a company and gaining years of experience will work in your favor. Always remember that no one achieved their dreams overnight.

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