Travel With Your Tastebuds: 10 Unique Coffees From Around The World

Jan 13, 2021
03:13 P.M.
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A world without coffee would have been a sad, lonely place. Our comfort drink is famous worldwide and brewed using different ingredients that enhance its aroma and taste to the maximum.


We all know functioning without a coffee is nearly impossible. Whether you have to wake up early in the morning or pull all-nighters for work or studying, coffee is a life-savior and, of course, our favorite go-to beverage option.

People have various techniques for preparing this brewed drink worldwide. So brace yourselves because we have selected the ten most unique coffees from all over the world to keep your winter cravings satisfied.

1. Turkish Coffee

Turkey is a land of rich cultural heritage and historic landmarks, and of course, exquisite food. Turkish drinks are trendy globally, and Turkish Coffee (Turk kahvesi) happens to be one of them. It is prepared using a cezve or ibrik (coffee pot), ground coffee, and sugar to taste.


2. Swedish Kaffeost

Not everyone will be able to indulge in the Swedish coffee affair, but you may also give it a shot. Sweden Kaffeost is coffee with cheese cubes. The toasted bread cheese cubes are added to the freshly brewed coffee, and your creamy, cheesy coffee is ready.

3. Austrian Wiener Melange


The people in Austria are seemingly fond of coffee and cakes, so they host impressive coffee houses and cafes. The Austrian Wiener Melange is a brewed espresso with a creamy layer of hot milk and foam. Cocoa powder provides the finishing touches.

4. Mexicano Cafe de Olla

It's time to explore the Mexican side of coffee with the traditional Cafe de Olla. It is a rural indulgence ideally brewed in the colder seasons. Traditionally, it's prepared in a clay pot and has a rich black color with cinnamon and cane sugar as its main ingredients.

5. Italian Affogato


How about going off the hot coffee path and indulging in some fusion recipe? The Italian Affogato is essentially the combination of Italian coffee and the much-popular gelato ice cream. It involves pouring hot espresso over scoops of ice cream and some chocolate shavings sprinkled on top.

6. Scandinavian Egg Coffee


Have you ever thought of combining an egg with coffee? It's worth a shot because people in Sweden and Norway used to add eggs to eliminate their coffee's bitter flavor when more modern brewing and refining methods were not readily available. It is a traditional coffee recipe not so prevalent now, but a must-try.

7. Vietnamese Ca Phe Trung

Here's another instance where eggs are combined with coffee. The Ca Phe Trung is Vietnamese egg coffee, and it is made with egg yolks, sugar, condensed milk, and coffee. The creamy texture with the aroma of strong coffee is a taste journey worth taking.


8. German Pharisaer Kaffee

The next in line is the German coffee, called Pharisaer Kaffee. You start by preparing a strong brewed coffee and pouring it in a tall glass. Then add sugar and rum, finish off by topping it with whipped cream, and no further stirring.

9.Hong Kong Yuanyang


Yuanyang comes from Hong Kong and is a fusion of coffee and milk tea. The lovely combination of tea and milk enhances the resulting beverage's aroma and offers a flavor that provides the best of tea and coffee.

10. Flat White Coffee

While no formal agreement has been reached about where it originated (a close call between Australia and New Zealand), a flat coffee is neither a strong cappuccino nor a latte. It is something much creamier, foamy and espresso-like, and offers an authentic, unmatched coffee indulgence.