Ube: A Guide To Adding The Trending Purple Yam To Your Diet

Aug 02, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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As a child, you probably had to be forced fed fruits and vegetables because many children would prefer to eat anything as long as it does not resemble anything that might be healthy or nutritious.


However, we may have found new and exciting ways to get our five fruits and vegetables per day like adults. We may also have opened our minds to trying new vegetables that we have never even heard of.

One of those vegetables is ube, and WomanlyLive is here to tell you exactly what it is and what you can make with it.

What Is Ube?



You’ve probably heard the saying that the more colors you have on your plate, the healthier the meal is supposed to be. This doesn’t mean having a candy bar and a bunch of skittles on your plate is healthy; it just means that a balanced diet consists of many different food groups, which are usually many different colors.


Ube is one of the most colorful foods that I have ever seen, and it is also one of the healthiest. What more could you want from a vegetable? You might know the sweet and delicious taste of sweet potato and use it in many dishes.



Ube is the more colorful, sweeter, and more mellow cousin of the sweet potato originally from the Philippines. This bright purple vegetable has a slightly nutty and almost vanilla taste that can be used in many dishes.





Usually, foods that are sweet, nutty, or taste vanilla aren’t healthy. We’re looking at you vanilla nut ice cream, but with ube, you get all the joy of eating something delicious without any of the guilt that comes with eating something unhealthy.

Ube is similar in nutritious value to a sweet potato, which means that it is high in carbs, vitamins, and fiber. However, what ube provides that we don’t get from sweet potatoes is a high level of anti-oxidants.




While you can use the vegetable in many different recipes, even dessert recipes, you cannot add many sugars and other fattening or unhealthy products to your recipes and hope that the ube will turn them healthy. It’s a sweet vegetable, not a miracle food.




It might take you a while to find ube because it is not as readily available or accessible as sweet potatoes. However, when you do find it, there are many recipes that you can make using ube that will knock your socks off.

Once you have found ube, you can look online for different recipes to use it in, but we can tell you that you will be able to make anything from side dishes and entrees to a delicious dessert with ube.

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