Understanding Your Skin's Current Mood

May 30, 2021
05:00 A.M.
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Trying to get your skin to a place where it’s flawless can prove a bit of a challenge, especially when you feel like you wake up with new issues every morning! It’s almost as if your skin has its own set of moods!


We used to classify our skin into one of the three categories based on its oiliness. And while some products worked for some, it hurt other people’s skin and may have even resulted in breakouts!

Because the skin is exposed to internal and external factors, it’s a little more complicated to figure out what could be causing your breakout! So how do we know what is causing our skin to act out as it did during our teenage years?

1. What Has Your Mood Been Like Lately?




Your feelings can leave a mark on your skin. It’s true, from blushing all the way down to stress, our emotions can affect our skin! Stressful circumstances like states of anger, depression, and fear can lead to early signs of aging as well as puffiness and inflammation in your face.

Significant amounts of stress can lead to fluctuations in hormones, leading to breakouts from excess oil production. Your skin’s pH balance is altered, and you’ll need to use products to restore the balance that keeps your skin looking flawless!

2. Take Note Of Your Diet




What you eat affects your skin and can lead to breakouts. If you’re committed to improving your skin texture, then you’ll have to make dietary changes.

Foods that are likely to cause triggers are processed sugars and dairy products. It might take some time for these foods to clear your system, and you might still find yourself breaking out, but you can try flushing it out of your system with lemon water, exfoliating, or using a clay mask.

3. Don’t Over-Exfoliate




You shouldn’t be exfoliating your skin every day, but when you’re eager for clear skin, you might get excited and buy every product that promotes your cell turnover. It can result in over-exfoliating and break down your skin barrier!

Opt for products that promote hydration instead. The better hydrated your skin is, the healthier it will be. You still need to exfoliate, but it shouldn’t be more than three times a week.

4. Use A Gentle Exfoliator


Retinol is all the buzz right now, but it is an exfoliator that helps clear your skin up. But your skin might benefit from a gentle exfoliator, so opt for a low concentration of retinol or other acids that aren’t as harsh on your skin.

5. Give Your Skin What It Needs



Take note of your skin’s general texture and elasticity, especially when the weather changes drastically. You’ll want to add extra moisture when experiencing dryness and be careful of any sensitivity when trying out new products.

6. Take It Back To The Basics



When all else fails, and your skin doesn’t seem to calm down, go for a simple skincare routine to allow your skin some time to heal. No exfoliating, just cleanser all the way sunscreen for the day and facial oil for the night for a week or two should be plenty of time for your barrier to healing.

When you’re experiencing some changes and challenges with your skin, it can leave you frustrated. You might want to go hard with the exfoliator, but paying attention to the smaller changes can completely help you avoid the challenges. All you have to do is pay attention!

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