Unpacking Ancient Chinese Beauty Secrets

When we talk about beauty secrets and skin care, we all should be inspired by the routines of Asian women and be advised by the ancient remedies that have remained among the beauty secrets of these women for centuries.

And it is above all, in the ancient Chinese traditions, we find the most valuable sources of inspiration, which we can quickly introduce into our daily beauty treatments.

After all, if we think of the beautiful pore-free skin and porcelain complexion of the Chinese empresses, there is something to be said about their remedies and secrets!

Drink Lots Of Water


Chinese women constantly drink water. From childhood, they master the art of taking a lot of it. If you ask what the prerequisite for minimal existence is for Chinese women, they will answer with one voice: access to clean water. Refrigerators and water dispensers are installed in almost all public places in China.

Spend Less Time In The Sun

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Just like hundreds of years ago, having fair skin is essential to the Chinese people. Previously, white skin color was considered a sign of higher social status, and currently, women use very high protection sun creams to avoid damaging the skin.

After Water, Drink Tea

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Chinese women drink enough water, but tea remains one of the favorite drinks of the people of this country. Experts recommend using oolong, Pu-erh, and red tea with the addition of goji berries, astragalus flowers, and jasmine, which have a remarkable impact on beauty and health. Also, it is important not to add sugar or milk to the drink.

Seaweed Makes Up A Large Part Of Their Diet


Chinese women eat a lot of seaweed, which speeds up the digestive process and absorbs excess salt in the body. Plus, fiber helps keep you full for longer and is ideal if you’re on a diet. 

Besides, vitamins and chlorophyll rejuvenate the skin, maintain normal collagen levels and make the skin supple. Seaweed is also rich in protein, thus preventing premature aging of the body.

Acupressure Of The Feet


Chinese women pay special attention to their body care, and one of the essential methods is acupressure. The female beauty spots, San Yin Jiao, are massaged several times a day. These points are paired; they are located inside the tibia on both legs.

Daily Massage With A Jade Roller

Using the jade roller for face massage improves blood circulation in the skin and helps eliminate toxins. However, there were two essential devices in ancient times. The jade roller for massage with acupuncture points and a unique flat jade stone, which they used to relieve tension in the facial muscles.

Written By:
Titi Dokubo

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