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Unpacking Apology Languages


September 02, 2021

Since Gary Chapman coined the Five Love Languages, people worldwide have taken the time to take the quiz and find out exactly their love language to let their partners know how they would like to be shown love.

It has helped several relationships tremendously because it has allowed people to see that love does not look the same to everyone. We should find out what our partner’s love languages are to show them love in a way that they would be able to respond to. 

However, aside from your love language, there is another language you need to be aware of, and it is your apology language

What Is An Apology Language

Someone has done you wrong at some point in your life, and you have received an apology from that person. However, sometimes the apology from that person who has done you wrong feels a little less than genuine to you. 

This might be because you each have a different apology language. While they were 100% sincere when they apologized to you, you didn’t take it that way because they did not apologize in your apology language.

Your apology language is how you apologize and how you prefer to be apologized to, to feel as though the apology is sincere and that the person will not repeat the same mistake. 

What Are The Apology Languages

Similar to the five love languages, five apology languages have also been coined by Gary Chapman and can be found on the same site as you find the five love languages. 

The five apology languages are; expressing regret, accepting responsibility, making restitution, genuinely repenting, and requesting forgiveness. In the same way that you can have two love languages that you enjoy, you can have two apology languages that you identify with. 

Why Are They Important

When you get into a fight with somebody, it is natural that once the fight is over, you will apologize for doing them wrong, and they might apologize for their part in the fight as well. This is fairly common in daily life. 

However, for the person that you are apologizing to, to feel that you are sincere and truly recognize what you did wrong, you will need to apologize to them in their apology language in the same way that they will need to apologize to you in your apology language. 

How To Find Yours


You may have already done the five love languages quiz on the website to find out which love language you most identify with. You can also find a quiz for your apology language on the same site. 

All you need to do is Google the five apology languages quiz and then click on the link to complete the quiz. Encourage your loved ones to do this, too, so that you know how to apologize to them in a way that they will appreciate.