Unpacking Awkward Situations Most People Experience

We’ve all been in an awkward position before, and you don’t know what to do. It feels like you’d rather the earth open up and swallow you whole than feel that embarrassment a second longer!

You could be as cool as a cucumber, but in an awkward moment, you’re just as embarrassed as anyone else! Sometimes thinking back on it is super embarrassing, and you might still cringe at the thought of it.

The thoughts may haunt you at random times during the day, but you’re not alone in the embarrassment! Here’s a look at awkward situations we’ve all experienced.

Sending a text to the wrong person


You know when you’re gossiping about someone, and you tap on your bestie’s name to send her a tell-all message or picture. Only to find out moments later that you’ve actually sent the text to the wrong person!

Especially if it’s a screenshot of your texts with them! It’s a relief that we have the un-send options on most social media platforms now. But it’s still embarrassing, especially if they’ve seen it!

Someone spitting on your face while talking


When you’re talking to someone, and all of a sudden, you feel a little wet droplet land on your face. You stand there trying not to make it awkward even though it’s quite clearly bothering you, and they know it!

What’s even more embarrassing is when the roles are reversed, and you actually notice it happening! You stand there in astonishment that your own body would betray you like that.

Walking in the wrong direction


When you’re trying to go somewhere you’ve either never been to before or you have, but you’re absolutely trash at directions! Going past the same group of people again makes you turn red in the face, and you can feel like everyone knows you don’t know where you’re going!

Touching someone inappropriately by accident


Ah, do you remember the pre-COVID days when we’d stand too close to people without a second thought? Standing so close to someone that the slightest movement means you’ve basically gotten to second base with someone you have never spoken to.

Accidentally liking an old photo on someone’s Instagram.


There’s nothing worse than when your own fingers betray you on a deep stalk! Sometimes you’re just scrolling through their feed, and you end up liking a picture from 20 weeks ago.

What’s even more embarrassing is if you try and unlike it, they still get the notification, and they’ll know! So you’ve got to decide if you want to leave your like or not, and accept that at some point you’ll have to face them in person.

These moments weren’t pretty, but we’ll survive, and the chances are everyone else will forget these moments ever happened. We can always pray for amnesia, though, just to be safe!

Written By:
Dr Saadiqah Hajat

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