Unpacking 'Golden Hour Skin'

Daniella Segell
Sep 14, 2021
11:00 P.M.
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Every couple of weeks, there is a new makeup trend to follow. It always promises to help you achieve a glow like never before using products that you can’t even pronounce. However, this one is a little less complicated.


Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Golden Hour Skin, the new makeup trend taking the internet by storm and being tried and tested by many makeup gurus worldwide, and it is quite gorgeous if we do say so ourselves.

Here is everything that you need to know about getting Golden Hour Skin.

What Is It


We have all taken photos in the late afternoon when the sun is going down, and there is nothing but beautiful light swimming on our features. It is the golden hour and tends to make us look golden as well.

However, this look is unfortunately only available for about an hour out of the day, and then we go back to being our normal selves until now. Golden Hour Skin is a way to do your makeup that ensures that you have that glow all day long.


Having the golden hour glow all day long is something that any makeup lover would be only too happy to achieve, and we’re here to teach you how.

How To Get It


At the golden hour, the light is, well, golden. The light that settles onto your face creates a glow like you will never be able to achieve at another time during the day and seems to highlight all of your best features.

The only way to recreate this is to use products that do the same thing. We all know how to highlight our faces, but getting Golden Hour Skin involves layering liquid, cream, and powder products onto your skin so that your skin glows no matter the time of day.


You don’t want to look like a glazed donut, though, so it is important to apply a thin layer of each product so that you get just the right amount of glow. You can start by using a brightening primer and then layering highlighting products onto your skin in all the places you usually highlight.

Bottom Line

If you want to look like a golden hour is following you around all day, trying Golden Hour Skin is the answer for you. The trend is becoming more and more popular, and some makeup artists have already released tutorials online.

Try this trend so that you can look sunkissed throughout your day and will always be photo-ready.