Unpacking How Each Astrology House Reacts To Life Situations

If you’re into astrology and have only dabbled in things such as zodiac signs and how your moon signs match up with those of the person you are seeing, you might be interested in delving a little deeper. 

The twelve astrological houses will allow you to learn much more about yourself and how you relate to people. Not many people know much about the twelve astrological houses and what they mean. 

We decided that we would break this down for you and your spiritual journey to help you along in your spiritual journey

What Are The Houses


The date that you were born determines which star sign you are. This means that the stars were in a certain formation on the day that you were born and that you will likely carry some traits from that star sign in your personality. The astrological houses depict all of the signs that count counter-clockwise to what you are born on. 

First House 


Your first house houses your ego. This can affect everything from your personality to your physical appearance. The first house is also the house that rules over new beginnings and how you approach them in your life. You will need to tap into your first house if you want to start a new project or you would like to get to know yourself a little better than you did before.

Second House 


Your second house is dedicated to your stability, your finances, and your environment. This means that it is the physical and material realm of your life and deals with your self-esteem and self-worth. This house will allow you to get to know what you need in order to feel validated and loved at all times.

Third House 


Your third house has a lot going on. This house includes everything from family and friendships to communication and attitude. The house controls how we give and receive messages in our day-to-day lives, whether they be verbal or non-verbal. You will need to tap into this house if you want to understand why you communicate with people the way that you do. You can also tap into others’ third house to try and avoid misunderstandings with them.

Fourth House 


Your fourth house is related to your home and your family. This includes both the family that you come from and the family that you might create one day. The fourth house is also the foundation of the entire housing chart. You will need to take a look at your fourth chart to see how you would handle matters within your family life and ways that you can improve it.

Fifth House 


The fifth house is the most playful house in the housing chart. This house rules over creativity, romance and children. This house rules creating things and telling you how you create and bring things into the world. You might need to tap into this house if you’re feeling stuck creatively or if you don’t feel like your energy is playful enough for those around you.

Sixth House 


The sixth house is possibly one of the most practical houses because it rules over your daily life in terms of health, daily routines, and wellness. This house will tell you how you move through the world daily and how your habits are formed. If you are unhappy with your current situation and want to find solutions, it is best to tap into your sixth house to see where you can improve.

Seventh House 


The seventh house is placed directly across from your first house of ego and identity, but it is not about you this time. This house is based around your relationships and life-changing partnerships. This house will tell you how you act in relationships and highlight what you typically repeat in most of them. If you are seeing a certain pattern recurring in your relationships, your seventh house will tell you why that might be happening.

Eighth House 


The eighth house has three quite conflicting subjects under its roof; sex, death, and transformation. It might seem like these three themes have nothing to do with one another, but they are intertwined enough that they are housed under one roof. This house teaches you about your sexuality and how you handle death and transformation.  If you are going through a transformation or want to understand more about your sexual relationships, this is the house that will help you to do so.

Ninth House 


The ninth house is a bit tricky because it is the house of philosophy and how you view the world. This house rules over how you travel both in your intelligent and intellectual world and your physical world and how you perceive the world you live in. If you’re stuck in terms of your worldview and want to try and gain a new perspective, you should start by looking at your ninth house.

Tenth House 


The tenth house is quite an important one as it relates to your life’s calling. This could either be the career that you are currently in or a career that you are striving to be in that is more aligned with your purpose on this earth.  Your career can be a touchy subject, but nothing will be able to steer you in the right direction quite like your tenth house can.

Eleventh House 


The eleventh house is the one that you need to take note of if you spend a lot of time around other people, especially if they are frequently large groups of people, because your eleventh house is dedicated to friendship and humanitarian concerns. If you spend a lot of your time surrounded by people and you would like to understand more about those interactions, you should take a look at your eleventh house.

Twelfth House


Finally, your twelfth house is quite appropriately a build-up and conclusion of all of the other houses as it governs over mental and spiritual health, which are essentially two pillars of health in your entire body that will lead to you living a healthy, happy, and fulfilled life. If you need to tap into your spirituality just a little bit more, your twelfth house will help you to do it.

Bottom Line


Each person will have different star signs in each of the houses according to when they were born, and each star sign will allow the person to see how they approach the situations governed in that house. 

It will be different for everybody, and this is what makes each of us unique. If you know what your star sign is and even better, if you know what time you were born, look up your birth chart to get to know yourself a little better.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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