Unpacking The Meaning Of Each Month’s Birthstone

You may not know this, but you have a specific stone dedicated to the month in which you were born. These stones are called birthstones and are assigned to each month because they carry specific properties that apply to that month.

People use birthstones in many different ways. Some people put them in jewelry; some have them on display in their homes, and others simply carry small stones around with them for protection and love at all times. 

If this is all new to you, here are all of the birthstones and what they mean for you. 

January – Garnet


The January birthstone is focused on love and protection. If you are a January baby, your birthstone is there to protect ad energize you so that you can deal with life’s daily struggles more easily. 

While the stone comes in various shades, it is best known for its pomegranate-red form. The garnet will allow you to find and step into your personal power so that you don’t need anyone else to get to where you need to be. 

February – Amethyst


The February birthstone is amethyst. This beautiful purple stone is one of clear-headedness and sharp wit. So if you’re a February baby, your birthstone will promote clear thoughts and help you make decisions with your head and not your heart. 

The amethyst stone is said to be one of relaxation and royalty too and is used by healers to relax and settle into their healing talents. So if this is your birthstone, you are likely to be cool, calm, and collected. 

March – Aquamarine


Personally, aquamarine is one of my favorite crystals ever. The beauty that shines off of an aquamarine is enchanting, and it can seem as though the blue is neverending. So this stone is undoubtedly a special one. 

This stone is most often associated with peace, tranquility, love, and creativity. So if you are a March baby, your birthstone can help you quiet your mind, settle deeper into meditation, or tap into your creative side a little more. 

April – Diamond 


April babies, your birthstone, settles a little bit more out of reach than any of the other birthstones. Of course, having a diamond as your birthstone means you can’t just go to a crystal shop and grab one for yourself, but it does mean good things for you. 

Having the diamond as your birthstone means that wearing or having one will promote eternal love and romance. If you have a diamond, it might also enhance the power of any other crystals that you have around you. 

May – Emerald


The emerald is a crystal that Cleopatra herself favored, and it is not hard to see why. The crystal is beautiful, and wearing it as jewelry is always going to be a good idea. However, there are many other benefits to the crystal as well. 

Emeralds are said to aid in the recovery from illness and bring the person using the crystal back to health. The crystal is most often used for diseases of the lungs, spine, and muscular system but can be used for other illnesses, too. 

June – Moonstone


This stone is another one of my personal favorites. The understated beauty of the stone is unmatched by any other in the birthstone collection as far as I am concerned, and I have a few in my personal collection. 

Moonstone is an excellent stone to keep, even if it is not your birthstone. This is because moonstones are said to change according to the moon’s phases, and those born under this stone will be able to make decisions based on their intuition better than anybody else. 

July – Ruby 


Okay, July babies, your birthstone is a ruby which is said to be the gem of kings. People believed that wearing a ruby over your heart on the left side of your chest would protect the wearer and their home from threats. 

This is also a stone that promotes both emotional intelligence and passion. If your birthstone is a ruby, you are most likely known for the love and passion you show to people, and your birthstone always protects you. 

August – Peridot 


This stone is somewhat similar to the stone that encompasses the May baby’s life because of its deep green color, but that is where the similarities end. The peridot is a unique stone that is all it’s own. 

Peridot is said to be the stone of mystery and goddess power. This stone will also help the wearer to banish exhaustion and apathy from their lives. If you’re an August baby, you’re most likely mysterious. 

September – Sapphire 


The sapphire is such a beautiful stone because it is the stone of truth and its deep blue color is stunning when set into jewelry. If you’re an August baby, wearing your stone around your neck or on your finger will be effortless. 

Sapphires are said to ward off spells and evils that try to befall the wearer and are another protection stone. Sapphires also assist in curing blood disorders as well as excessive bleeding and weak veins. 

October – Opal


The beauty of the opal stone is truly a sight to behold, but this stone has so much more to offer than just the beauty that surrounds it. This is the stone of faithfulness, psychic abilities, and healing. 

If you are an October baby, your birthstone can be worn to promote a deeper connection with those around you and strengthen your memory and your will to live. It is a truly versatile stone that is beautiful, too. 

November – Topaz 


November affects joy, affection, and physical connection. If you are a November baby, you are likely very loving and affectionate, as well as bringing much joy and laughter into the lives of those around you. 

This stone is also linked to wisdom and strength and is said to soothe physical pain and promote peace in the wearer. It might also allow you to tap into your emotions and be able to express them more easily. 

December – Tanzanite 


December babies, your stones are extremely rare as they can only be found in Tanzania, which means that you are just as rare and unique as your birthstone. Tanzanite is a stone for those that have a love of knowledge. 

Those born under this stone are likely to start a conversation or debate with anyone about anything because their thirst for knowledge will encourage them to listen intently to what other people have to say. 

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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