Unpacking What Is Barrier Cream

There are many skin care trends, and it’s difficult to follow some of them sometimes. You can feel inundated with information from multiple sources, and filtering through it all can be somewhat overwhelming. 

One of the latest skincare trends that have garnered a lot of attention and subsequently a lot of information written about it is using a barrier cream. That’s right, a new phrase to add to your skincare vocabulary. 

We’re here to sift through all the information about barrier creams so that you don’t have to. 

What Is Barrier Cream 


Your skin has a natural barrier against things such as pollution, dust, and other harmful substances. The skin’s barrier is tested daily when exposed to these kinds of substances in the air. 

The concept of using a barrier cream is not new but has gained more popularity recently. Using a barrier cream allows your skin to be protected against these harmful substances without damaging your skin’s barrier. 


You can start using a barrier cream without your skin’s barrier being damaged, but many people only start to use barrier creams once their skin’s barrier has been compromised and is not working as hard as it should. Barrier creams can be anything from serum to a conventional cream. 

How Do You Use Barrier Creams 


Barrier creams lock in moisture and ensure that all of the other products you have put onto your face will stay in place and do their job throughout the day, which means that you should always apply your barrier cream last. 

You should always try to use barrier cream after applying your moisturizer because barrier cream locks the moisture in and ensures that your skin stays hydrated and protected throughout the day. 

When Do You Use Barrier Creams 


Anybody can use a barrier cream and see the benefits. However, the people who would see the biggest difference in their skin would be people who suffer from dry skin or people who have sensitive and allergy-prone skin. 

You can also use barrier creams on babies because their skin is much more sensitive and prone to damage from outside factors. Ensure that if you want to use a barrier cream on your child, you find one suitable for baby skin.


Ensure that you find the barrier cream that works with both your skin and the other products in your skincare routine. It might take some time, but it is essential to do this to make sure that your entire skincare routine works together for the best outcome for your skin.

Written By:
Daniella Segell

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