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Unpacking What Jennifer Aniston Eats In A Day


June 02, 2021

I had many thoughts while watching the ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S’ reunion, most of them about how I could stop myself from sobbing long enough to actually watch the show properly. Another of them was how amazing Jennifer Aniston still looks seventeen years later. 

It’s like she hasn’t aged at all, and her body at 52 is better than my body at 23. She is gorgeous, and I thought that maybe if we tapped into what she eats in a day, I might be able to start eating that way and stay perpetually young, too. 

So here is everything that Jennifer Aniston eats in a day, in case you want to change your diet. 


You may have heard about intermittent fasting. It is the act of fasting for 16 hours and eating for 8 hours. It is said to speed up your metabolism and help with digestion. Intermittent fasting is one of the things that Jennifer Aniston does. 

Jennifer Aniston only begins eating at 10 a.m. Luckily, the hours when you are sleeping are counted as part of your sixteen hours, so you would only be missing dinner. 

Healthy Fats 

Jennifer Aniston loves to include healthy fats and oils in her diet. These are excellent energy sources, and her trainer has insisted that Jennifer Aniston eat plenty of healthy fats each day to recover from working out. 

You can include healthy fats in your diet by eating avocados and healthy oils such as fish oil and coconut oil. You can cook all of your meals with coconut oil as it doesn’t change the taste of the food. 


For breakfast, Jennifer Aniston has some warm lemon water and then avocado or eggs. She also sometimes eats oatmeal and egg whites. Another one of her go-to foods is a smoothie to fill her up for the morning. 

Any of these meals will be a delicious way to start your day and get your energy up. Remember that you can only begin eating this at 10 a.m, after fasting for sixteen hours if you are trying intermittent fasting. 

Lunch and Dinner 

Lunch and dinner are fairly simple and straightforward dishes for Jennifer Aniston. She eats a vegetable and a protein together either in a salad or as separate parts of a meal, so long as she gets all the components in. 

She will sometimes eat a chicken burger for dinner but ditch the traditional burger bun for a chicken burger wrapped in lettuce. This is an easy way to ensure a healthy but delicious meal. 



We all have those days when we’re just a little hungrier than others, and we need a snack in between our meals. Jennifer Aniston is no different to us in this way and has her favorite snacks. 

Jennifer Aniston loves to eat apples with almond butter or simply an apple with a handful of nuts. She might also enjoy a raw cut vegetable or boiled eggs. She also indulges in cheat meals, with her favorite being pasta carbonara.