Unpacking What The Pluto Retrograde Will Have In Store

Pluto, when it goes retrograde, isn’t the same as Mercury. Learn how to tune up with its energy and use it as a positive tool for growth. 

Now it’s official: on April 27, Pluto went retrograde in Capricorn for the next six months. In astrology, Pluto is commonly associated with power, transformation, and authority. 

Whatever NASA says about Pluto, astrology is still considered a planet — that can teach us a lot, as its energy is powerful and potent. Pluto goes retrograde once a year, and the ambitious sign of Capricorn enhances its transformational power. 

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When Pluto goes retrograde (meaning it appears to move backward in its orbit), it’s common for it to go unnoticed, and in spite of its subtle distinction, it can affect our lives in precise ways.

According to a senior astrologer, Narayana Montúfar to Astrology.com, Pluto’s distance from Earth is a representative of the areas of life that it rules psychology, power, regeneration, and the subconscious mind.

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The astrologer suggests we look at the most profound learnings we’ve got from the previous six months and review them, as well as look at where our power is being challenged. This transit in Capricorn asks us to reflect upon more significant matters, specifically involving business, structure, and stability.

Pluto, also called the Planet of Destruction, gives us the opportunity to heal deep wounds finally, traumas, and call into our power and manifest a deep transformation.

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Know that Pluto is sexually explorative and finds great pleasure in pain. This planet urges us to explore and embraces our sexual parts (especially the hidden or forgotten ones) and fully accept them as they are.

“Pluto wants us to stand fully in the light of our truth by owning our deepest and darkest selves. You can use this transit for your personal empowerment by looking at the ways you self-sabotage or get in your own way and making small adjustments”.

Madi Murphy, astrologer and founder of The Cosmic Revolution

Shadow work isn’t an easy process, and it can be a painful journey. But luckily, Pluto retrograde also gives us the support to go through this process. It’s time to be honest with ourselves so that we can step into our power.

Written By:
Camila Santiago

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