Upgrade Yourself: 5 Sites To Improve Your Work Skills

Sep 01, 2020
11:17 A.M.
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Employability has been a stressful topic since the pandemic hit earlier this year. Many people have lost their jobs, and work seekers have been losing hope.


Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

Losing a sense of routine can result in more uncertainty and anxiety about unwanted situations. Learning a new skill can help with building a steady daily schedule and your employability. Online courses have made improving skills so much easier; here are a few sites that offer excellent programs.

1. Skillshare


You may have heard about Skillshare on one of your favorite YouTuber’s videos. This site is great for creative professionals. Skillshare offers over 500 free video teachings and resources on a variety of skills.

You can learn how to write a screenplay, make beautiful ceramics, the basics of interior design and Photoshop all on one website. Skillshare does have a paid premium subscription to access more resources and videos from industry professionals.



Alison has a wide range of free courses available on the site and even has some career guidance tests. This website categorizes some of its courses specifically for those in the workspace.

You can even improve upon your soft skills and entrepreneurial skills in Alison. There is something available for anyone in any field on this site.

3. Udemy


Udemy has an excellent variety of free and affordable paid courses available for learners. Udemy has an extensive database of expert instructors that you can choose from once you get started.

There are many web development, I.T, business, and marketing courses available among many more. Udemy also offers classes for personal growth, lifestyle, and hobby.

4. Coursera


Coursera allows you to get a university quality education for free ninety-nine! Top professors develop the courses on this site from universities such as Stanford and Princeton. You can even study towards a degree or diploma certification on this site at an affordable fee.

5. Udacity

Udacity offers free courses on computer sciences and software development related topics. The site also provides official nano degree accreditation for those looking to enter a new profession in tech. The nano degrees cost $200 a month and can run for 6 - 12 months.