Wavy Perm: The Journey To Perfect Beach Waves

Every summer we find ourselves trying to achieve the perfect beach wave hair. Unfortunately for those with thin or straight hair this often seems an impossible task.

But imagine rolling out of bed with perfectly messy beach waves. A beach wave perm may be the answer to our hair desires.

What Is A Beach Wave Perm?


A beach wave perm is a chemical process that promises permanent beach waves. The technique works similarly to a standard hair perm.

Even the solution applied to the hair will be similar or the same as the ones used for other types of perm. The difference is the tool used to set the waves compared to curls.

Difference Between A Regular Perm & A Wave Perm


A normal standard perm uses tiny perm rods to create tight uniform curls. While a wave perm uses squishy foam rollers to create a wave pattern.

The wave perm also uses a slightly different technique. Instead of tightly winding the hair in small sections, stylists wrap the hair looser around the roller.

Who Should Get A Perm?


A perm, of any kind, is best suited to those with “virgin hair.” This means the hair has not been dyed or chemically processed.

However, Briana Dunning, an expert on the New Wave perm, revealed that single-processed color should be okay. A single process color means there was no bleach used in the coloring process.

Will It Ruin Your Hair?

In short, it should not completely destroy your hair however it is far from gentle. The chemicals alter the natural state of your strands.

This makes it extremely dangerous to try for those with over-styled or processed hair. Stylist Aura Flores says:

โ€œIf you do a lot of color on a regular basis and donโ€™t have a solid conditioning routine, a perm could cause considerable damage to your hair.โ€

What Does It Cost?

Like any other beauty service, the costs vary. However, a beach wave perm costs between $50 and $300.

It is recommended to call the salon near you for a ballpark figure. This will help you avoid being surprised by the final bill after the treatment.

Things To Know Before Getting A Perm


Aura warns that you should be prepared to “be working with a different hair texture afterward.” This means there might be a learning curve when it comes to styling and caring for your hair.

Be prepared to invest in some lightweight curl creams or sea-salt sprays to help smooth and define the waves and even more nourishing shampoo and conditioner as your hair may be more frizzy. Most importantly, remember not to disturb your hair too much in the first 48 hours after the perm while the wave is setting into place.

What To Do Before The Perm Appointment?

Like with many hair processes, it is advised that you do not wash your hair before. This is because the natural oils in your hair create a great protective barrier for your scalp.

โ€œLook at different textures so you can have an idea of what you do and do not want. Also, be honest about your day-to-day hair regimen and how much time you like to spend on it, since itโ€™ll give us a better idea of how to treat your hair,โ€

advises Aura.
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How Long Will A Wave Perm Last?

While the treatment is advertised as permanent beach waves, it will not last forever. The average beach wave perm can last about six months.

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