Weekly Horoscope: How The Week Should Unfold According To The Stars

Sep 09, 2020
03:29 A.M.
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Have an open mind and an open heart this week, new experiences, and journey’s await. Take a peek at your weekly Horoscope for some guidance.



Look forward to a confidence boost that will make you feel brand new this week. Expect clarity for your goals and how to achieve them. You’re about to put in some work that will pay off!



It’s time for you to introspect and put in some work towards healing, Taurus. You may be able to avoid this, but it will continue to hold you back. Shift your energy towards getting closure, and you will notice things change for the better.


Things can get tense in one of your friendships, so be careful not to involve yourself in petty arguments. You know what your boundaries are, Gemini, make sure that they are respected at this time. This week is for intimacy and communication, so get ready to explore your sensual side this weekend.



Your career path is about to become as clear as day if you pay attention to the universe, Cancer. Your ambition is about to take a spike for the best, and you will feel fulfilled in your purpose. Love is also in the air this weekend, so keep an eye out for that sweet text.



You’re a hot commodity this week, Leo, play the field while their attention is all on you! Take risks in your love life, and in learning, some newfound wisdom could guide you in the right direction. Your wellness becomes focus this weekend, so make room for personal growth.


Cut off all the negative romantic experiences, Virgo; you’re about to get lucky in love. You know your self worth this week and are eager to explore intimacy with someone you can trust. You are ready to break nasty habits and enter new love energy by the end of the week.



A friend may come with some benefits this week, and if you are keen to explore, things could be great. Keep everyone’s feelings in mind and try to find the right balance for all parties involved. Spend some much-needed time with family this weekend. It’s essential to surround yourself with love.



Don’t shy away from making connections at work, Scorpio; it can only work out for the best right now. Your body is also trying to tell you something about your health and your limits. Open your ears and pay attention.


You and your partner can teach each other with your different perspectives. Do not fret the challenges; make them work for you. Make sure not to entertain negative vibes as they could deter you this week. Financial security is also around the corner for you this weekend.



Rid yourself of external expectations from your family and communicate some boundaries, Capricorn. It’s time that you are clear about your intentions. The life you want is waiting for you to make some moves this weekend.



Open your mind to different ways of thinking before becoming defensive this week. Communication is critical, do not fall into the trap of reacting too soon.


You’re entering a new wellness journey that will boost your confidence this week. Keep it up, and you’ll feel great for a while. Get together with some loyal friends this weekend and lean on them for the support you need.