Weekly Horoscope: What Do The Stars Hold For This Week?

Sep 23, 2020
02:07 A.M.
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Learning and growing is a part of life and an even more significant part this week. We are at our best in relationships these next few days, and it’s time to connect and listen.


Libra season brings us to a turning point in our lives and spaces. Explore what this could mean for you on your weekly horoscope reading.


Did someone say romance, Aries? You are about to experience some chemistry with someone different from you this week.

Everything is going great for you, but remember always to seek out the uncomfortable truths. You are coming to understand a lot about yourself in love, so it’s worth putting in the work.



Centre yourself and find a routine to stick to this week, Taurus. You are looking to ground yourself in rituals and consistency. Be open to different perspectives as well; they may show you what you need to know.



Vulnerability will only make you stronger and more confident this week, Gemini. Open your heart to different possibilities.

New ideas are awaiting your attention, get inspired by getting off of your phone and being spontaneous. The end of the week will reveal a focus in your wellness routine, find a way to stick to it beyond this week.


Dear Cancer, this week feels like a cozy weighted blanket for you! You are in your comfort zone and are more confident and secure than ever. Surround yourself with people and experiences that boost these heightened feelings of self-worth and love.



Articulate yourself well, and you may be able to negotiate what you want out of things this week. You will feel the urge and power to communicate your desires.

Don’t forget to listen to others during this phase, Leo, that is the only way they will be able to help. The end of the week brings a deep understanding of your feelings and proactivity towards them.



The closure of Virgo season drives you to think practically about the things that make you feel secure. Your economic zone will receive brilliant strategies, and you will be able to assess situations.



Your wants and needs are a top priority to you and the universe this week. Take some time to think about the results that you want and ask for them, Libra. The weekend will jolt you into thinking about your finances in a different and wiser light.


It is time that you allow yourself to take a break, Scorpio. Take some time to introspect or speak to a trusted advisor about self-awareness. You will be guided to the right ways of communicating your innermost desires to those who need to hear them.



A girl’s zoom chat or intimate sleepover is what you need this week, Sagittarius. Find a way to connect with your friends, even if it’s a quick call. Your intuition is trying to steer you in a specific direction, pay attention to your gut and your dreams.



You are about to get a long-awaited boost in your career this Libra season Capricorn. You have already shown what you can do, and now it’s time to strengthen your network and get things moving. Your passions will align on Sunday to inspire you in an activist route, start thinking about how you can help.


Aquarius, the doors are open for possible expansion! Sign up for that online course or take a step towards broadening your horizons in another city. You will also feel motivated in your career zone on Sunday, jot down any ideas you may have as they will be of great benefit.



You can only reap what you sow in love and intimacy, Pisces. Put in the work, and you will receive great results. Your way of thinking will also become wiser and more transparent by the end of this week. You may be able to find solutions to a strung-out situation.