Weekly Horoscope: Will The Stars Be Kind This Week?

Oct 02, 2020
02:49 A.M.
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This week brings in a new month, in a new season and the possibility for new beginnings. Nothing is inevitable, and we could all do with a little more patience during this time.


Patience is a virtue that we seem to forget every once in a while. Take some time to read your horoscope and see how to navigate this week.


Delays at work may make you more impatient than usual this week. Take several deep breaths and fight through those obstacles, and soon you will see that you can achieve anything.

Your relationships may also take a practical turn these next few days. Remember Aries; sensible people are helpful, do not accuse your loved ones of being boring during this period.e



You will have to deal with several inconvenient circumstances and obstacles this week, Taurus. All will work out in your favor; the universe is only calling for you to be patient.

This weekend brings brighter days in romance and money. Things may not move at a fast pace, but the steady ride to victory will be enjoyable.



Gemini, it is time to give yourself a break this week. You will not be able to work on big projects during this time as you are easily triggered into frustration over the next couple of days.

Try giving yourself some time out to relax with a home spa day treatment. Be wary of relatives who may try to pick a fight with you this week; move on from any conflicts they may incite.



Things may have started on a shaky note for you this week, Cancer. Work and personal relationships may be affected by this rocky stage, which may leave you worried or frustrated.

All of the negative energy is not personal, Cancer, this is only a passing moment in your life. Make sure to refrain from making any important decisions while you are in this space.



You may feel like you have spread yourself thin with projects and commitments, Leo. Do not worry, as you can complete everything you’ve set out to do successfully.

This week also calls on you to own up to your wrongdoings and recognize that you are not perfect. Humble yourself for the next few weeks to avoid a hit to your ego.


You are putting in all the work that you can, Virgo, but the challenges keep coming. Do not worry; a break is coming soon.


Finances and relationships will be smooth sailing for the rest of the week, so enjoy that peace. A solution for some of your challenges may come on Sunday, be ready to act on your intuition.


Libra, no one person can make everybody happy, so put yourself first this week. You can end up straining yourself, trying to be everywhere at once.

Take some time to introspect and realise the things that you want for yourself and from others. Are the relationships in your life fulfilling your every need? Only you can tell.



Pace yourself this week, Scorpio, everything that is great takes time. You will soon reap the rewards of your work and manifestations and feel pleased with the outcome of your efforts.

You can voice out your thoughts and opinions this weekend. Take this time to make yourself heard and speak out for a greater good.



The keyword for this week is ‘rest’, Sagittarius. There is no need to try to overcome every single obstacle you face at once.

You are at the risk of suffering burnout, so please take as much time to tend to yourself as possible. If you have practiced appropriate self-care, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on anything at the end.



You could do with one less problem in your life this week, Capricorn, but the challenges keep pouring in. Trust in the people around you to offer their help, and you may catch a break sooner than you anticipated.

Your relationships will reach a peak of comfort sometime this week, and you will love the space you’re in. Feel free to make strides towards a better life this weekend; the universe is on your side.



Aquarius, it is impossible to hide from yourself, so let all of the hidden issues reveal themselves to you. This week calls for you to ask yourself the difficult questions to heal and progress. Remember to be kind to yourself.

You may rub some people off the wrong way when you voice your opinions during this period. Do not allow anyone to silence you from speaking out.


Be cautious these next few days, Pisces. It would be best if you did not make any binding commitments as they may place you in a tight spot that you did not anticipate.

Trust your gut feeling as you navigate through situations. It would also be best that you let others do the speaking this week as you could learn a lot from them when you aren’t overpowering the conversation.

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