Yoga Poses To Try If You're Struggling To Sleep

Sep 22, 2020
02:19 A.M.
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Adding yoga to your routine can be beneficial for multiple wellness-related reasons. There seems to be a yoga pose for everything, from reducing stress to increasing energy.


Sleep deprivation can lead us into an unwanted state of stress and anxiety. Feelings of stress can only make sleep issues worse, therefore causing a never-ending cycle of torture.

Photo by Rishikesh yogpeeth on Unsplash

Photo by Rishikesh yogpeeth on Unsplash

Yoga is a well known and highly recommended practice for its relaxing effects on the body and mind. This wellness exercise can put an end to the vicious cycle of sleeplessness if implemented correctly. Continue reading to explore a few yoga poses that can help us achieve a better night's rest and peace of mind.

Plow Pose


This pose helps the body turn the flow of blood around, thus creating a better movement of energy within. To achieve this pose, lie on your back and lift your legs over your head to rest on the ground behind you.

Do the above slowly to avoid hurting yourself and place your hands on your back or the floor for support. Stay in the plow pose for one to five minutes to attain optimum benefits for falling asleep easier.

Legs Up The Wall Pose


Flipping your legs upwards helps create better blood flow to the heart, which has a soothing effect. This pose is easy to pull off, even for the least flexible beginner yogi.

All you need is to lie down and rest your legs vertically against a wall. You can relax in this pose for as long as five minutes with your eyes closed for optimum relaxation and stress relief.

Corpse Pose

The corpse pose does not require much physical effort but has many benefits. Lying down on your back allows you to focus on breath work and mindfulness. This pose allows you to let go of circling worries from the day and prepare your body for sleep mode.


Seated Spinal Twists

We allow a lot of tension to build up and sit on our backs throughout the day. This yoga pose encourages us to wring out the day's stresses and release our bodies from tension's physical effects.

Cross one leg over the other outstretched leg and gently twist your spine in the opposite direction. Repeat this pose on the other leg while taking several deep breaths as your body slowly relaxes.

Butterfly or Bound Angle Pose


The butterfly pose is simple and is performed in many variations. The best version for sleep aid is to complete it lying down on your back to ease your body into rest mode. To fulfill this pose, you need to bring your feet together, so the knees are in a diamond shape and breathe.

Place a hand at your stomach and the other on your heart as you lay in bed. Focus on your breathing as you lay there. This pose will put your body into a restful mode, and you will be ready for sleep in no time.