Zodiac Guide: 7 Intriguing Facts About A Taurus

Taurus is the second zodiac sign, ruled by Venus and symbolized by the bull. This Earth sign is characterized by its practical and reliable nature, sometimes coming off as stubborn and overprotective. 

If you’re born between April 19 and May 20, you’re a Taurus to the core. Although their ruling planet is Venus, they tend to have a more practical and realistic view of life, unlike the dreamy Libra. 

Taurus is a stable and highly successful earth sign known for prioritizing material wealth and physical pleasure. If you’re a Taurus yourself or trying to understand a fellow Taurus in a better light, here are all the interesting facts to know about this earth sign. 

Value Security 

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Taurus people are well-grounded and prefer being surrounded by all the necessities of life and much more. They are seekers of love, beauty, material gains, a secure home, and all the essentials needed to live a happy life. 

Smell Amazing 

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This earth sign is highly sensual, and its aura is hard to escape. They are characterized by their strong sense of taste and touch, and their perfume collection is extraordinary, helping them smell good all the time. 


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Taurus is considered one of the most materialistic zodiac signs. They are fortunate when it comes to attracting money and love to flaunt their luxe lifestyle. As a fixed sign, they are also great at handling money-related problems. 

Lovers Of Nature 

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Taurus loves to be in nature. You might think their love for materialism leaves them no room to take a breather. However, this earth sign is fond of nature walks, mini getaways, and grand vacations. 

Can Be Stubborn 

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Characterized by the bull, Taurus love to stand their ground and are almost impossible to convince in some issues. They don’t take orders and will probably never listen to you, even if deep down they know you’re right. 


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Taurus maintains a calm demeanor and can be hard to figure out. They are stable and balanced people who make sure they have everything on their list to thrive, which generally contributes to their composed nature. 

Faithful & Reliable 

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Taurus is generally considered loyal, both in friendships and relationships. You can count on them, as they’re known to make extreme sacrifices for the people they love and care about. So consider yourself lucky if you’re one of those people! 

Written By:
Ayesha Muhammad

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