10 Alternatives If You Can't Stand Burpees

Jul 26, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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Burpees are a fantastic full-body cardio exercise, but not many people enjoy doing them. Although burpees can be quite effective as an exercise, they can result in unwanted injuries.


If you were part of any type of high-school sports team, you’ve probably done your fair share of burpees. The multi-movement exercise promises an efficient total body workout, but many people find them challenging.

Although constantly challenging yourself in the gym is encouraged, burpees can result in unnecessary injuries. As a result, we have found ten alternative exercises that you can do instead of burpees from today.

Jumping Jacks

We’ve been doing jumping jacks since we were children, so there’s no trying to convince a trainer you can’t do this one. This movement will increase your heart rate and work out similar muscle groups as burpees.


Jump Squats

One of the most challenging movements in the burpee is the jump squat movement, but it’s much better alone. Try replacing your burpee exercise repetitions with jump squats to really strengthen your muscles.

Plank Push-Ups


Getting into and out of the plank position when doing burpees is how many people end up hurting themselves. However, you can still strengthen your arms and core by doing plank push-ups instead.

Plank Jacks

Take jumping jacks to a whole lower level with this plank position variation of the exercise. Although this exercise may be challenging, one is much less likely to injure themselves when doing this exercise correctly.

Pike Planks


Pike planks are also a much more vibrant variation of the plank movement and will get plenty of your muscles moving. Just make sure to get your form correct when doing this exercise for the best results.

Squat Thrusts

Squat thrusts are like burpees made a tad easier by removing the lowering movement after your plank. This exercise can be a great way to practice your form and strengthen your muscles to do burpees in the future.

Vertical Jumps


Vertical jumps are fantastic for building strength and endurance, which burpees are great for as well. Add a few repetitions of vertical jumps to your workout and reap the rewards of that training without the added burpee strain.

Negative Push-Ups


Negative push-ups require you to lower yourself completely to the ground from a plank position. You lift yourself back into a plank position from the ground however you see fit to help build strength in the arms and core.

Ball Slam

This exercise alternative is easier to do than a squat and is much more fun to perform. Slamming a ball with all of your power while keeping the correct form is great for your health and stress release.

Mountain Climbers

Practice bringing your knees to your chest while in a plank position with this exercise. This movement is already in the burpee exercise, so why not strengthen those areas without the extra strain just as yet?