10 Anna Sui Cosmetics To Buy

Mar 01, 2021
12:00 A.M.
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With March and springtime weather just around the corner, now is the perfect time to prep up for the floral season. Whether you prefer coloring your lips in sheer flowery shades or rocking the shimmery eye makeup look, Anna Sui Cosmetics has the perfect product lineup to please your hearts.


Anna Sui is a Chinese American fashion designer who has been associated with major brands like Giorgio Armani, Ralph Lauren and Yves Saint Laurent. The world of Sui has room for all things elegant, chic, stylish and bold.

Very few people know that Sui runs several other brand categories, including cosmetics, jewelry items and eyewear. Let’s discover some of the ten best Anna Sui Cosmetics that instantly caught our eye.

1.Sheer Flower Lipsticks


These eight colorful floral-themed lipsticks are an excellent investment to celebrate the spring season.

2.Powder Palette


This powder palette is perfect for giving those final touches to your makeup so nothing can dull your sparkle.

3.Lip Shades


Bold and beautiful lip colors will never go out of style, and you can choose the one that is just right for you.



Channel your inner mermaid with this divine fragrance infused with vanilla, lychee, and mandarin notes.

5.Star Color Cases


Let the star in you shine bright with some violet, bronze, and pink hues.

6.Starry Selects


For that extra pop of color and some electric vibes to set the day right, opt for the delightful starry select range.

7.Lucky Wish


Mesmerize the crowd with this enchanting wishful fragrance, and let your enchanting trail handle everything.

8.La Nuit De Boheme


Feed your wanderlust with this bohemian-themed fragrance and revel in the accompanying feelings of pure bliss.

9.Mint Chip Polish


You can ditch the trendy nail art designs and accents and embrace this ice-cream-themed powder green nail paint.

10.Heart-Shaped Eye Colors

Decorate your eyes with some two-toned, glitter eye colors that are a treat for makeup and aesthetic lovers.